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Latest News & Show Updates

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Are You Interested In Private Maternity Care?Pregnant_Lady_100h

Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting time. However there are lots of decisions to be made — and fast. One, in particular, is whether or not to have a private birth. If you are considering going private, The Private Pregnancy UK Show can help. A £20 Exhibition Day ticket gives you access to all of our highly informative private maternity seminars and exhibitors.


Are You Having Trouble Getting Pregnant?getting-pregnant_100h

If you are having trouble becoming pregnant – you may be facing a fertility issue. The Private Pregnancy UK Show will cover several complex fertility topics within the extensive range of seminars. To help you plan your weekend, we’ve shortlisted the top seminars to attend for fertility related issues. A £20 Exhibition Day ticket gives you access to all of the highly informative seminars and exhibitors.


Seminar: Women’s Healthcare Question TimeQuestion_Time_Microphone

New research conducted by the Private Pregnancy UK Show has revealed that when it comes to having babies, British women believe that 44 is too old, despite advancements in medicine and science, as well as social factors like focusing on careers. Our team of experts will be on hand to discuss how far medical intervention and assisted fertility can go in aiding women who wish to preserve their fertility or delay having children in this informative discussion on Sunday, 22nd of May at 5pm.


Workshop: Techniques On How To Breathe, Eat And Move Your Way To A Healthy PregnancyBloom58-x100h

Feeling overwhelmed by the thoughts of becoming a new mum and fancy taking a breather every now and then, but you’re not sure where to start? The bloom@58 team of experts will take you through tips and practices to enrich your pregnancy journey, ensuring both body and mind are in sync at a practical workshop on Saturday, May 21st at 1:30PM. Dominique, Amberin and Angelique will share simple techniques and the benefits of integrating sophrology, osteopathy and nutrition into your pregnancy and birth preparation. 


Seminar: Well Woman CheckDr Eskander

Whether it’s a routine examination or you have some concerns about your health, state of the art screening technology is now available and can help spot early warning signs of cervical cancer, breast disease and pelvic disorders. Dr Alex Eskander will explain what is included in a Well Woman Check and the types of things you should be looking out for to ensure good health on Saturday, 21st May at 1:00PM.


Seminar: Depression During Pregnancy & After Birth – Causes, Symptoms & TreatmentsDr-Rafa-Euba-x100h

Untreated depression, either during pregnancy or after the birth of the child, is not only distressing for mum but damaging for baby as well. On Saturday 21st May 2016 at 5pm, Dr Rafael Euba will discuss the latest treatments available for perinatal and postnatal depression. His much-anticipated seminar will cover the topics of talk therapy, antidepressant tablets and rTMS — a revolutionary medication-free treatment for depression.


Workshop: Postnatal Wellness YogaAlexa-Dean-100h

Also referred to as the ‘fourth trimester’, the first few weeks after your baby has been born is an important time for both you and your new arrival. It is during these days that you form a secure and loving bond together. Tackling parenthood can be overwhelming, so this workshop – led by yoga teacher Alexa Dean and pre/post natal yoga teacher Ori-Sheema Shombe – looks at this tricky transition period, using the power of yoga to investigate massage, movement and touch with your baby as well as learning breathing techniques and how to use your core muscles effectively.


Workshop: Antenatal Classes – Top Tips From The ExpertsLouisa-van-der-Bergh-100h

Louisa Van den Bergh, breastfeeding consultant & baby feeding specialist and founder of Lulubaby, will deliver an informative and interactive antenatal workshop at the Private Pregnancy UK Show on Sunday, May 22nd at 3pm. Lulubaby’s comprehensive antenatal courses help parents-to-be prepare not just for birth, but also for life with a new baby. Join this workshop and get tips on how to do pelvic floor exercises correctly and take part in a discussion on working out why babies cry, what different cries mean and the best ways to comfort them.


Workshop: Breastfeeding & Positive ParentingSusan-Lawrence-89-100

Whether you opt to breastfeed or go with the bottle, exploring your options for feeding your baby can be a minefield – especially with the internet and social media raising so many conflicting opinions. If you want to know more about the practicalities of breastfeeding and how to feed with confidence, Matron Susan Lawrence from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, will provide a useful workshop on Saturday, May 21st and Sunday, May 22nd at 12:00pm at the Private Pregnancy UK Show.


Workshop: Antenatal Classes – The Key To Looking After Yourself During PregnancySarah-Denning-100

Having a baby is undoubtedly a life changing and incredible experience for both you and your partner, however no matter how excited you may be, it is also natural for the nerves to kick in and for you both to be overwhelmed and daunted by the prospect of being parents. Antenatal classes can act as a fantastic window of information, giving you hands on skills and guidance that can assist with the process of pregnancy and labour. This practical workshop, led by midwife Sarah Denning, on Saturday, May 22nd at 3:00pm will help you prepare for giving birth, detailing all the services that are available to you.