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The Westminster Maternity Suite

The Westminster Maternity Suite
St Thomas' Hospital
Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7EH
Greater London

Tel: 020 7188 3457
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David Del'Nero
David Del'Nero
Fantastic Modern Hospital in the heart of London. This Hospital must have the best views in the whole of the UK. I was sitting in a waiting room overlooking the River Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, it was a wonderful sunny crisp winters morning watching the boats go by. The facilities and staff are amazing, they were so kind and thoughtful, they just couldn't do enough for me, even though they are underpaid and over worked. I will be choosing this hospital every time, Thank you St Thomas'. If you like this review, can you please click the like symbol below. Thank you!
MusicLover71 MusicLover71
MusicLover71 MusicLover71
As a local Tommy’s born-baby local resident and former patient I have nothing but praise for this World’s leading top-teaching institution and the caring professionalism in it’s staff. They really do a amazing job with limited resources. I heart the NHS(the heart of the community:)!
Belén Pachés Pérez
Belén Pachés Pérez
I was with my uncle who fell from the stairs we were 2 hours waiting a doctor named Carlos said that my uncle had a broken wrist and that he needed an operation. They put a plaster to him in a wrong way. They said that they will call my uncle the following day for the operation, they never did so I came back with my uncle and another doctor said that no one informed about my uncle and Actually he had a dialocated bone not a broken wrist. I decided to solve the problem in a different hospital because of unprofessional staff. There was only one good doctor.
Great hospital and very attentive and knowledgeable staff. Great place to deliver baby. Now... DO NOT PARK YOUR CAR OTHER THERE. The hospital parking is a TOTAL RIP OFF. A shocking £100 for 1day and 4hours!!! You will be better off if you leave your car on residential streets around the corner and pay 60 quid for parking fine.
Richard Loat
Richard Loat
The NHS really is a phenomenal service despite the bad rap it gets. St Thomas have a brilliant dental practice which is one of the last that offer certain dental services fully covered. It may be a bit of a travel to get there but if your GP can refer you it's worth the trip. It's a little bit tucked away behind London Bridge station but they will get you sorted.

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Type of healthcare organization:
Private Patient Unit
Established since year:
20+ years

Does the provider meet essential standards of quality and safety regulated by The Care Quality Commission?
Yes [ View the latest checks here ]

The facilities / services provided by the practice:

Private air-conditioned rooms with en-suite facilities, flat screen TV, Wi-Fi and a guest bed so your partner can stay with you. All meals are included, including first breakfast for partner.

To ensure patients receive the best possible care as part of their comprehensive private maternity care service, there are a number of additional services that you will have access to when you choosing The Westminster Maternity Suite. These include private pregnancy scans, antenatal classes and physiotherapy.

Patients can choose from flower deliveries, an on-site hairdresser, a dedicated photographer, special dietary requests delivered by their catering team and any shopping services you need.

If required, an interpreter can be on hand to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. Please call 020 7188 3457 for further information.

Team descriptions:

At The Westminster Maternity Suite, their team of obstetricians, private midwives, neonatologist and customer service staff make all of the difference.

There are currently six highly experienced consultant obstetricians who offer personalised care packages:

The teams of experienced midwives are trained to prepare you for the arrival of your little one. They will support you throughout your pregnancy and you will be invited to attend a midwife –led clinic at around 16 weeks. They will also provide excellent postnatal care for both you and your baby.

The Westminster Maternity Suite pride themselves on the individual care their midwives provide during your labour and stay. All of their midwives are supported by a supervisor of midwives who provide additional professional and clinical support.

Saturday availability:
Sunday availability:
Emergency (24 hours) availability:

Clinic times:

Maternity Services

Antenatal Ward – 7th floor, North WingPartners: 9am to 8pm
Friends & relatives: 3pm – 7pm
Postnatal Ward – 6th floor, North WingPartner or companion: 24 hour visiting access.
Friends & relatives: 3pm – 7pm.

Making a booking is very simple and involves just a few steps. If you would like to make a late booking, please call the unit on 020 7188 3457 or send an email to and someone from the private maternity unit customer care team will contact you.

Step 1
To decide which private maternity consultant you would like to care for you, be sure to see the consultant’s videos and profiles. The Westminster Maternity Suite cannot recommend a consultant; you will need to make this decision based on the information provided or through recommendation. When you book an appointment with your chosen consultant, they will do all the necessary assessments, discuss your care and birthing options and they confirm your booking. Please see the details below on how to contact their secretaries and make an appointment.

  • Mr Cornelius Kelleher  – contact Debbie on 0207 487 5909 or 07900 211 234
  • Mr Kumar Kunde – contact Lesley on 07856 813 806 or 07876 032 463
  • Mr Lawrence Mascarenhas – contact Joyce on 07732 186 282
  • Mr Eugene Oteng-Ntim – contact Buki on 07908 668 647
  • Mr Dharmintra Pasupathy – contact Tina on 07460153355
  • Miss Gabriella Gray – contact Sophie on 07894013711
Step 2
If you would like to visit the unit before making a booking please call 020 7188 3457. You will also be given all your booking forms and relevant information if you visit. All patients will be invited to attend the private maternity care unit; The Westminster Maternity Suite for their check up appointments and will also be invited to attend a midwife-led clinic. Additionally, patients will be given information about how to contact their private maternity consultant at any time during pregnancy.

Step 3
Come along to an open day or open evening.

Languages spoken:

The Westminster Maternity Suite Flyer

Westminster Maternity Suite offers two consulting rooms and six private rooms with en-suite facilities boasting enviable views overlooking Westminster and Big Ben. Patients also have access to their in house catering, birthing pools and a garden room for relaxation and privacy.

The Westminster Suite has been offering private maternity care for more than 20 years and boasts some of the most accomplished and well-trained obstetricians, neonatologists, anesthetists and midwives.

Women will deliver their babies in a delivery suite accredited to the highest standards of safety available, and should there be a problem, then the hospital provides full neonatal intensive care services. They offer a range of specialist birthing choices tailored to patient’s requirements.

The Westminster Maternity Suite prides themselves on their pricing structure, giving patients competitively priced private maternity care in central London. You can simply relax and let their dedicated team guide you through your pregnancy, giving you all the support you need at one of the most treasured times in life.