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Private Clinics & Hospitals For Gynaecology Care

Please contact the clinics listed here to know more about the care they offer for gynaecological problems. Alternatively, you may wish to complete our enquiry form and we will forward it to the relevant private gynaecologists and related gynaecology care clinics on your behalf.

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The Gynae Centre is a premium gynaecology care clinic in central London, established by highly qualified and esteemed consultants. It offers a wide range of ultrasound scans including pregnancy, fertility and gynaecology scans using the latest equipment and technology. more...

Doctorcall Medical Services Group
121 Harley Street
London W1G 6AX
Greater London
Tel: 08442 579507
Tel: 0844 257 0346
Fax: 0844 264 0477

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Jess Turner
Jess Turner
Always a good experience. V knowledgeable and supportive. I recommend them
Jason Keiles
Jason Keiles
A great practice. From the doctor's assistant/office manager to the doctor the service was exemplary. The team was extremely professional, and took the time to answer my questions and really understand my concerns to give me the comfort I needed. Would undoubtedly recommend .
Daniele Trevisan
Daniele Trevisan
We went there to vaccine our child at the Harley street clinic. The lady at the reception was very kind and helpful. The doctor who injected him was, in our opinion, a bit unsympathetic. He did not disinfect my baby's thigh before making the injection, and I had to ask for a plaster to cover the wound as it was bleeding, as it normally happens when you make an injections. Normally you wouldn't have to ask but maybe I'm too old school. His thigh is still hurting after one week. Asked for a receipt of payment but they did not print one (maybe £140 for the service was not enough to cover a printed receipt), they said they would send via email but still have not received it.
Mercedes Castelló
Mercedes Castelló
Excellent team. Very nice and professional.
Joe Jules
Joe Jules
My child was poorly and did not want to leave the house. I googled for a visiting doctor and this wonderful company was the first company on google. The doctor came in no time and was wonderful. Then when I needed a follow up appointment they were so helpful and arranged an appointment at their Harley street clinic. Again they were professional and understanding. I would recommend them with all my heart.