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Private Clinics & Hospitals For NIPT (Harmony or Panorama or neoBona Test)

For the past decade, doctors have utilised the Nuchal Translucency Scan to assess pregnant women on their risk of having a baby with Down syndrome, or other possible abnormalities. This scan enables doctors to look at the skin fold of the baby’s neck along with baby’s nose bone near the 12 week mark. This combined with an additional blood test make for a 92% predictive value. While these results are strong, there is still a high margin for error, and women who present as high risk may elect to proceed to Chorion Villous Sampling (CVS) or Amniocentesis. Unfortunately, these tests are invasive and carry a risk of miscarriage of about 1:100.

Even the slightest chance of miscarriage is a scary thought for any new mum. The good news is, Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) is now available. Doctors have discovered that a simple blood sample taken from the mother at around 10 weeks can be analysed for cell free foetal DNA. The results of this test have a predictive value of more than 99%, greatly reducing the need for more invasive and risky testing.

There are currently three main tests available in the UK – Harmony Test, Panorama Test, and neoBona Test. Please contact the clinics listed here to know more about the NIPT they offer during pregnancy.

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The Gynae Centre is a premium gynaecology care clinic in central London, established by highly qualified and esteemed consultants. It offers a wide range of ultrasound scans including pregnancy, fertility and gynaecology scans using the latest equipment and technology. more...

Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital
(Harmony Test)
Sir Stanley Clayton Ward,
Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital,
Du Cane Road,
London W12 0HS
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3313 1466

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J Roo
J Roo
I gave birth to my first baby on the labour ward here in 2016, and a few days ago to my second in the birth centre. I received excellent care both times, but felt particularly lucky to have experienced the care of the birth centre team. We couldn't be more grateful to them.
Simo Simo
Simo Simo
The NHS system does not allow negative reviews to not lower their reting, I write here the truth of my second birth The worst experience of my life at BC. I wanted to thank: the head of the birth option of BC S. B. for listening to me, it happens, for apologizing even if it was not her fault and having directly updated my medicals after the first birth reflection on October 23rd; and A. P. , responsible for the complaints, for updating my medical records as the only competent person after the second birth reflection. I advise no one to give birth to either the BC or the Queen Charlotte labour ward. At the BC they force you to give birth without an epidural, the midwives can make you the labor sweep activated without explaining that the consequences are pains like induced labor. Also being very busy, it can happen as in my case, in which the midwife S. S., has written back my medical records because 'too busy', omitting and writing things not corresponding to the truth, then they were corrected by its managers. After my negative review on the NHS, for what they allowed me to publish, at least they apologized, the least they could do. No excuse from the midwife who wrongly wrote my medical records, shame! I trust in divine justice for those who hurt me! God sees and provides!
Yasmine Hamdi
Yasmine Hamdi
Awful and unprofessional service. I went in for an emergency check up in the evening and had to wait for 4 long hours while sitting on a chair with no sympathy from staff. 24 weeks pregnant and suffering from bleeding and back pain. No support whatsoever or medical aid. They took a urine sample and was asked to wait in the waiting area. I was under so much stress not knowing if baby is ok or not. They were more keen to finish off paper work and admin work in the office rather than seeing and taking care of patients. Some pregnant women were given the luxury to wait in air conditioned rooms whereas they asked me to wait on a chair in the corridors. They almost forgot about me so I had to remind them every now and then that I was waiting outside. I have also suffered from a miscarriage in the past so there was a high risk of another miscarriage but they were absolutely careless and neglected me. When I asked why I was not provided the minimum care expected as everyone else, the midwife told me there were no beds available for me. I told her you could have informed me of the long wait for me to arrange visit to another emergency service but her answer was we are not getting anywhere with the conversation... it seems that they get away with mistreating and abusing patients. There was a lady who came before me she was given a bed and I was still waiting outside... they failed to do the basics. I have discharged myself after waiting for 4 hours. They did not even ask if I need painkillers to help me cope with my back pain. I went hospital at 8:30 pm and left hospital at 12 am without seeing a doctor. I discharged myself due to the increased back pain. This made me even more anxious and upset. They told me I have 2 patients ahead of me at 11:45 ?? So they still expected me to wait for another hour waiting. I will be making a formal complaint but will never return to this hospital again. I was maltreated and left hospital physically and emotionally distressed without seeing a doctor after waiting for 4 hours. Just appalling.
Jacqueline D
Jacqueline D
Delivered my baby at this hospital in June 2018. Very poor care, cold useless staff. Lazy and do minimal work. Do not listen to your needs and just keep walking off ignoring you. Delivered my baby without any help. Was left in a room with my husband calling for help in agony for over an hour. When someone finally took notice of the pain I was in I had already delivered the head.. This is just a small insight into what they put me through. I'm traumatized. Thank god myself and baby where ok, No thanks to them. I have made a formal complaint and have been told they are investigating. I will not let this go, as I feel they actually put myself and baby in danger. Whoever else has been in this situation I advise you to make a formal complaint. They can not get away with putting people they are supposed to be caring for at risk. I would Honestly NEVER even consider returning to this hospital.
Zoe Gencheva
Zoe Gencheva
I was unfortunate enough to be referred to the Gynaecology team in that place. Waited for 2.5 hrs without being given any updates on if there's a delay and how long it is. At all time there were 4-5 nurses at the reception drinking tea and having no concerns about the waiting patients. FINALLY I was called a lady which after asking me few somehow stupid questions admitted that she cannot really answer my question due to being a JUNIOR the shocker...she has to call in her senior! And again I start with my diagnosis, treatment options etc to be asked why I don't try other options such as medication (which I've been on and is red flagged on my file due to extremely unpleasant effect) instead of invasive operation. To sum it up....NHS sucks and I cannot wait to be privatized.