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Private Midwifery Care

Private midwifery-led care is increasingly popular with mums-to-be, and statistically is a safe, trusted and positive option for those experiencing a straightforward pregnancy. Excellent continuity of care within familiar surroundings, and the ability to form significant relationships with your midwife team during this exciting but unsettling time are all essential for you to achieve the kind of birth that you want.

For more information about midwife-led care packages around the UK, please contact the different practices listed below, or fill out our contact form and we will forward your enquiry on your behalf. Prices and package offerings will vary, so it’s worth researching all of your options.

Please also look into private obstetricians, private midwives and related private maternity hospitals for more information about your pregnancy and birth choices.

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Neighbourhood Midwives offers a unique and personal midwifery service with high quality, safe, and comprehensive maternity care. Throughout the course of pregnancy, birth and beyond, Mums-to-be are supported 24/7 by a dedicated and trusted midwife with whom they develop an individualised and irreplaceable relationship. more...

Regent’s Midwifery Practice
2 Varndell Street
London NW1 3RG
Greater London
Tel: 07891 276 499

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Giacomo Guglielmone
Giacomo Guglielmone
Very disappointed for having hired Odette. We spent about 4.5k for having 3 antenatal visits which were fine (my wife felt they were mainly usefull to get to know the person who is going to be at your side during labour) and a labour support which we found totally useless. In fact it was via whatsup and phone calls during most of the labour (ie, the whole preliminary phase and the first few hours of the "established" phase - to give an idea, we were given one-to-one midwife from NHS about 9hrs before Odette thought appropriate to turn up at the hospital! looking backwards, I could find 1000 better ways to spend that amount of money for my wife and child than this. Will definitely stay away from her in any future pregnancy.
Reshma Sidhpura
Reshma Sidhpura
As a mother of 3 and a practising Hypnobirthing practitioner. Odette helped me to achieve the home birth of my dreams for my 3rd child! I highly recommend her services. You will not find anybody as highly skilled, knowledgeable and lovely as Odette is. With also teaching courses myself in Hampstead, I wanted to find a local midwife I could recommend to my clients and Odette is the only midwife that I trust. Every single one of my clients have been extremely happy with her services, enabling them to have natural births that have also been memorable. You will not be disappointed!