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Private Midwifery Care

Private midwifery-led care is increasingly popular with mums-to-be, and statistically is a safe, trusted and positive option for those experiencing a straightforward pregnancy. Excellent continuity of care within familiar surroundings, and the ability to form significant relationships with your midwife team during this exciting but unsettling time are all essential for you to achieve the kind of birth that you want.

For more information about midwife-led care packages around the UK, please contact the different practices listed below, or fill out our contact form and we will forward your enquiry on your behalf. Prices and package offerings will vary, so it’s worth researching all of your options.

Please also look into private obstetricians, private midwives and related private maternity hospitals for more information about your pregnancy and birth choices.

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Neighbourhood Midwives offers a unique and personal midwifery service with high quality, safe, and comprehensive maternity care. Throughout the course of pregnancy, birth and beyond, Mums-to-be are supported 24/7 by a dedicated and trusted midwife with whom they develop an individualised and irreplaceable relationship. more...

The Portland Hospital
205 – 209 Great Portland Street
London W1W 5AH
Greater London
Tel: 020 7390 6068
Fax: 020 7390 8012

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William Rogers
William Rogers
My wife visited here for surgery and generally got a very good experience. When reading reviews I notice that most reviews complain about the “service” as if you are in a restaurant rather than the quality of care. In our experience this was a good hospital. We experienced knowledgeable consultants that make time to see you.
Al a
Al a
I’m not one for leaving reviews, but I feel I have to in this instance. We had our baby at this hospital after viewing most private hospitals and bought into the brand. We found out the hard way that this hospital is the total opposite of what we thought. I can’t say much more as my wife doesn’t want me to, but I will say there was major negligence from the hospital and please rethink putting your life and baby’s life in their hands.
Hannah Goldsmith
Hannah Goldsmith
This is a lovely hospital. All the staff are polite and it's very welcoming from the moment you step inside.
Ola Manola
Ola Manola
It is a far cry from what a private hospital should be like. They forgot they are private and we paid for our newborn son to be treated there. We have filed a complaint with the management team but NO ONE bothered to respond. We got an email saying it was their mistake but it didn’t include a single apology. They think they are above the law. I find it a dangerous place where they first try to put the blame on you, for a mistake they made. Happily launched into legal action threats and bullying, even when we had a proof the mistake was on their part. When it was finished and they finally acknowledged that we were right all along, none of the people who harassed us said “sorry”. They treated us with so much incompetence and disrespect. I would never trust them with my son’s life. If you think you will be better off here than anywhere else - think twice. This is horribly run place and you will not get a good care. There are many better private hospitals in London where you will actually get outstanding care. Not here - the patient is not important to these people.
Maria R
Maria R
I went to the hospital to visit Dr Julie Price in February. I got charged over £700 for her talking to me 2x 8 min. She didn't touch me, she didn't examine me, she just sat behind her desk talking but saying nothing. Be very careful when you go private. My friend went to her 5 years ago and was happy with her. Paying almost £1000 and not even being examined truly hurts.