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Video – A Guide To Pregnancy Scans

Speaker: Dr Karen Joash
Speaker Affiliation: The Portland Hospital For Women
Event: The Private Pregnancy UK Show 2016

View / Download the complete presentation (1.1 MB)

Pregnancy scans are used at certain points during pregnancy in order to assess the correct location of pregnancy, to confirm accuracy of dates, to check for foetal abnormalities and to check measurements and ensure the baby’s growth is going to plan.

In this seminar Dr. Karen Joash gives an overview of pregnancy scans, including the different types of ultrasound.

Ultrasound works using soundwave technology, in which high frequency sound waves are translated into a picture of your foetus on screen. Pregnancy scans are not only reassuring, but provide invaluable medical information throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

Dr Joash discusses the benefits of early pregnancy scans; checking that the pregnancy is viable, progressing well and giving reassurance to parents. These are particularly useful scans if you have experienced difficulties in pregnancy in the past. She then goes on to talk about the various other scans that are necessary during pregnancy and highlights common problems and things that you should know.

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