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Video – Know Your Fertility Potential – From Egg Counting to IVF

Speaker: Dr Amin Gorgy
Speaker Affiliation: The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy
Event: The Private Pregnancy UK Show 2016

View / Download the complete presentation (1.5 MB)

In this seminar Dr Gorgy explains the many complexities of fertility, from the very basics of conception to highly complex and cutting-edge fertility treatments. He talks about the different avenues available to improve the outcome of one’s fertility treatment, such as PICSI, IMSI, Assisted Hatching, Time Lapse Imaging and Embryo Glue.

For those who have been through several rounds of IVF failure and/or recurrent miscarriage, Dr Gorgy also discusses the range of tests which can isolate the problems and the possible treatments available, including immune supportive therapy.

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