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Video – Drinking During Pregnancy: British Mums More Likely To Put Babies At Risk

Shocking new research reveals that British mums-to-be are more likely to be putting their babies at risk, by drinking when pregnant, than almost any other nation on earth!

British mums are topping the tables – for all the wrong reasons. They are more likely to be putting their unborn babies at risk from damage caused by foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) than almost anywhere else on the planet.

What is Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)? FAS is a condition linked to alcohol consumption by the mother during pregnancy which can affect the development of the child. Alcohol is a teratogen – an agent that can cause the malformation of an embryo.

FAS can cause:

  • Brain damage
  • Organ damage
  • Stillbirth
  • Emotional and behavioural disorders
  • Learning difficulties
  • Mental health problems

One in 67 women who consume alcohol when pregnant will deliver a child with FAS. 41% of UK women drink when pregnant, according to the study. THAT’S 4X THE GLOBAL AVERAGE.

Brits outstrip even the Americans (14.8%) and Australians (36%) for % of pregnant women drinking alcohol. And the UK is the 4th worst performing country out of the 50 European countries, way ahead of France (27%) and Germany at (26%).

In addition, the number of FAS cases is predicted to rise in coming years. The fact is, there is no safe alcohol limit for pregnant women. Is giving up drinking whilst pregnant the best thing we can do for our children’s future?

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