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Will I Love My Body Again After Childbirth?

Will I Love My Body Again After Childbirth?

We shouldn’t underestimate the toll pregnancy and childbirth has on the body. For nine months it expands to accommodate a whole new human being and at the end goes through the physical exertion of giving birth.

Dr Eskander

“Having a baby can leave you with stretch marks, scars, pains and body parts that don’t work properly – particularly if you’ve had a traumatic birth,” explains Dr Eskander, leading Gynaecologist from The Gynae Centre. “The last set of figures published by the NHS (2013/2014) show that instrumental births and caesareans account for nearly 40% of all live births. This means that a significant amount of women are dealing with some kind of post procedure recovery1. It is therefore advisable to consult a gynaecologist to review your situation.”

Aside from the physical you are most likely exhausted, dealing with hormone fluctuations and possibly malnourished! And that’s before you deal with the demands of a newborn and growing infant.

The journey back to ‘self’ isn’t made easier by countless images of celebrities who seem to bounce straight back into shape (with the help of the cook, the trainer, the nanny…) just in time for that red carpet appearance. So us mere mortals are left feeling deflated and slightly defeated.

Guidelines suggest that by your six week check your body should be well on the way to recovery. However, many side effects of birth such as painful irregular periods or stress incontinence can linger for months. This can further impact your ability to get mobile or even enthusiastic about tackling that ‘apron’ of sagging skin.

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So the reality is that loving your body again takes time. Allow yourself to enjoy having a baby, it doesn’t last forever. Be amazed at your body – what it’s achieved is no small feat! Obsessing over your image will have a mental impact at a time when you need all the emotional strength you can muster.

Taking a year to recover from birth is probably ideal. Many specialist hospital departments recommend waiting a year to see if lingering issues resolve themselves before treatment. Yes, change bad habits that you may have picked up whilst pregnant, but do it slowly – you’ll know when you have the willpower to cut out chocolate again. If you can’t stomach the thought of exercising, try walking instead of driving places – it’ll be good for you and baby. If you are experiencing prolonged pain or physical problems, then seek help sooner rather than later.

In time you will love your body again. Just remember to give yourself a break and take it slowly.

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We would like to thank The Gynae Centre for providing their specialist knowledge for this article.

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