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Why go private for pregnancy care and childbirth?

The NHS handles a large number of births in each hospital. Inevitably it is rather impersonal. It is a midwife-led birth service. The pregnant mother may not see a doctor during the whole of her pregnancy. This is fine if your pregnancy remains normal and you feel comfortable not seeing a doctor. It also should be a cost effective way to run a service for the Government.

Pregnant Woman

The impersonal aspect may be emphasized by meetings with different staff at each consultation when you may be asked the same questions repeatedly. Appointments will be at fixed times, often in your working hours, that suit the service rather than suit you. Consultations will be short. If any difficulty arises medically it may prove difficult to access senior medical opinion. It is unlikely, except in well organized midwifery units, that you will meet staff during labour and delivery that you have met before. This can lead to anxiety and fear which are negative influences during labour.

Of course going with the NHS is free at the point of service. Private care has a cost.

In private pregnancy care you have the luxury of selecting appointments of your choice with specialists. You can be seen early in the morning, later the evening and often on a Saturday. You will see the private doctor or midwife you have chosen. This doctor or midwife will guide you through the blood tests and ultrasound scans that you require. These will often be done in the clinic where you are being seen. You will have the freedom to call that clinic for advice at any time and often be able to speak to the doctor at short notice. You will be able to develop a personal relationship with this doctor or midwife. Your consultations will be held in clean smart surroundings. Consultations will be longer (20-30 minutes) and you will have ample opportunity to ask questions. This doctor will guide you and prepare you up to the time of birth. You will be able to express fully your choice for type of birth. You will be directed to birth preparation classes, yoga classes, complementary therapies and other adjunctive activities.

On the all important day of labour and birth you will be with someone you know and trust. You can be in telephone contact to optimize the time of admission. This doctor or midwife will be with you to a greater or lesser extent during labour and certainly for delivery. Support and pain relief will be readily accessible. Your attitude to style of birth will be respected and you will be given time to come to informed decisions. After the birth the advice will continue and you will be given advice about medical services for the baby.

The continuity of care from a single individual with access to a support team is the essence of private care.

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