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What’s your “Bad Moms 2” Story?

The Bad Moms 2 movie is out today and here at Private Pregnancy, we can’t WAIT.

For anyone that’s been living under a rock, Bad Moms was the hilarious gal pal flick of 2016 about a group of devoted-and-exhausted mums who go rogue. After one too many perfection-pressures, Mila Kunis and co decide: you know what, maybe pretending to be flawless is one more thing on the to-do list that they could do without. Cue letting the 12 year olds get their own breakfasts and – shock horror! – asking the hubby to do a few more chores. Not to mention some hilarious drunken capers when the kids are away on sleepovers, of course. Now Bad Moms 2 sees the gang preparing for intergenerational angst as their own mums come into town and we already have our tickets booked for the weekend. A little Bad Moms forewarning should be on the NCT syllabus as far as we’re concerned.

‘I think the film resonates with a lot of mums because the truth is, the best mums in the world still have their bad mum moments. We need to get together and laugh about it as women, to ease off some of the pressure sometimes,’ one woman said.

With that in mind, we’re having a Bad-mom-athon. Tweet, comment, or email us your funny ‘Bad Mum’ stories and we’ll put them on the website (anonymously, of course), raising a glass to our amazing, overworked, bursting-with-love bad mums everywhere. You rock!

And if you need your memory jogged, here are a few real-life bad mum moments:

“We have this terrible neighbour that parks in other people’s spaces. One evening in irritation, I said to my husband: “What makes it worse is that she takes up two spaces. She can’t park for toffee.” So a few days later we pass her in the street and I smile politely and my wonderfully precocious four year old pipes up: ‘You can’t park for toffee!’ I honestly nearly died. We’ve never spoken since.”

“I once got Harry all the way to the school yard before realising, yes he was in full uniform, except he was still wearing his PJ bottoms. In front of the mummy mean girls as well. Aaaagghhh!”

“We were playing ‘I spy’…. I said ‘eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with M’, looking pointedly at a stack of magazines. Several guesses later he asked for a clue. I said: ‘What does mummy take in the bath with her to relax?’ Cue hysterical laughing: ‘Don’t be silly, Mummy, wine doesn’t begin with an M.’”

I didn’t want to share my Maltesers with Lucy

What’s your “Bad Moms 2” Story?

“When my girl was about two and a half, I sometimes met a friend (also with a kid) in a local bar during the day for a coffee. I would let my girl have a hot chocolate. Anyway, we must have met up there maybe three times? So. A while later, I’m walking past the bar with my girl in her pram. She points to the bar, asks if we are going in. I said no, going home now to make dinner. My girl starts crying. I still say no. She gets more and more upset, up to the point where she is yelling and full on sobbing “I wanna go to the PUB! I wanna go to the PUB!!!” all the way down the street, and for most of the journey home. MORTIFIED.”

“Running out of food and giving her cake for breakfast because that’s the only food in the house….”

“My son was fastidiously clean when he was a toddler, used to help clean with his little duster and vacuum (changed A LOT now he’s a teen). We went to view some houses when I was buying. In the first house he was told to behave well and show his good manners. We went in and he asked if he could watch their TV while Mum looked around. He then proceeded to run his finger along their surfaces, telling everyone ‘it’s a bit dirty’. He then took his shoes off and laid out in the living room with the TV remotes!”

“We had a conversation about adult words after he started nursery and kept exclaiming ‘s**t’ and ‘f***’. I told him they were only for adults to use when they were cross. We were out not long afterwards and he knocked a drink over in a restaurant. At the top of his voice he asked: ‘Mummy will you say the f*** word for me, because it’s an adult word’! Needless to say a couple of the children, including my son, were taught at nursery to coach other classmates to exclaim ‘fish and chips’ and ‘shooting stars’ to try to negate the swearing epidemic at nursery and home.”

What’s your Bad Mum Story? Comment, or tweet us at @PrivPregnancy.

Love from the bad mums at PP xx


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