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Travelling when pregnant

Travelling when pregnant

Gearing up for summer holidays with your loved ones? Whether your travels include tiny hand luggage and ‘easy’ bus transfers, or long car journeys with no toilets in sight — mums-to-be need a little extra prep time before the fun begins! Luckily, for you we’ve developed a simple checklist to put your head in holiday mood as soon as possible!

Make sure you’re OK to fly
First and foremost, it is absolutely necessary to know whether or not it’s safe for you to travel by plane. Be sure to ask your doctor in advance, and be prepared that the answer might be no. It’s a good idea to consider your prenatal test schedule, and ensure dates don’t interfere. Be sure to check out specific airline poicies, as they all vary slightly. The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (RCOG: Jan 2015 – Air Travel and Pregnancy) suggests that the safest time to fly is before 37 weeks, and if you do decide to fly, try and get an aisle seat – this will make the (often frequent) trips to the bathroom happen just a bit easier.

Know your toilets 
If you’re hitting the road, it might even be a good idea to map out toilets along the route. When you’re miles along a motorway, but know there is a clean Nando’s bathroom at the next exit, you’ll be happy you took the time to plan ahead. 

Travel Insurance 
Always be prepared — make sure your travel insurance is sorted out, and find out what healthcare facilities are available at your destination in the event you require urgent medical attention. Think ahead, and remember to pack all health records and necessary medications you might need throughout your journey.

Neck pillows, motion sickness bags, baby wipes, and slippers – all excellent add on’s for your (already too small case). Also be sure to pre-pack some healthy and nutritious foods. The choices at airports and convenience shops tend to err on the side of unhealthy, and it’s important to watch out for bad bacteria that could potentially make you and baby sick. 

Most importantly – relax and have fun! Soon your little one will arrive and things will change forever. Be sure to enjoy your holiday and embrace every moment as it comes.

Travelling with Pregnancy

In summary
1. Consult with doctor or midwife first.
2. Consider your prenatal test schedule.
3. Take with you all your medical records and vital health information.
4. Make sure you have all the medications you need.
5. Double check your health insurance policy.
6. An absolute essential – you must take out travel insurance.
7. Be prepared for the unexpected.
8. If flying in your third trimester, check your airline’s policies.

For further impartial advice on travelling while pregnancy please visit NHS Choices: Travelling with Pregnancy.

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