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Top 5 Sleeping Baby Pods & Nests 2017

Top 5 Sleeping Baby Pods & Nests 2017

Traditionally new mums looked to moses baskets as the standard for the small baby sleeping solution, but in recent years baby sleeping pods have become increasingly popular.

What are baby pods?
Baby pods are material based, soft beds/bassinets with side supports for small babies. As you will see below, they vary in shape and dimension, but the idea is to create a small comfortable place for baby while he transitions from womb to world.

What are the benefits of baby pods?
A baby pod is a soft and snug place for your baby. They are more akin to conditions in the womb (in terms of space and formation) and can help with a variety of infant issues such as startle reflex and acid reflux. Many mums are impressed with how a baby pod can help their little ones sleep better. A cot or a crib can seem like a huge expanse of space for a tiny baby. Pods and nests provide a much more compact, relaxing place. They are lightweight and portable which means they can be used all around the house (handy for when you need both hands) and for travelling.

Giving baby a warm and cosy place to sleep is invaluable during those early months, so baby pods give new mums and dads great peace of mind.

Parents will use their baby pods in different ways. Some pods can be used for co-sleeping, some can be used for tummy and play time. But, however you use your pod, you must never leave a baby unsupervised in a pod for long periods of time. For advice and guidelines, please click here for further information on reducing risk of cot death.

1. Sleepyhead Deluxe


Our first baby pod was designed by a Swedish mum looking for something snug and versatile to use for her baby, Sleepyhead is the daddy of baby pods right now. On their title page they claim to be ‘reinventing the womb’.

The Sleepyhead can be used for co-sleeping and is good for transitioning babies into cots and bigger beds (Sleepyhead Grand). It’s made from specially sourced hypoallergenic, porous, breathable and non-toxic materials. These reduce the risk of excessive perspiration whilst creating a comfortable, safe space for baby to sleep and play. It’s lightweight and transports easily around the house and when travelling.

The soft sides reduce the impact of startle reflex in tiny infants which can lead to better sleep for both babies and parents!

The pod can be taken apart in sections and machine washed. Sleepyhead Deluxe last 0 to eight months. Sleepyhead Grand eight to 16 months.

Mums say: “Now I have had it and been using it for a couple of months the money is completely irrelevant as it is the most useful thing I have bought for my baby. It makes the most difference to my daily life as I can actually get things done around the house because my daughter goes in the Sleepyhead and goes wherever I go. She also sleeps in it and I take it with us when visiting. I cannot stress enough how useful this product is, I can only say that I would advise anyone having a baby to buy one, you will love it!” – John Lewis buyer.

Private Pregnancy UK RatingFive-Stars

View the Sleepyhead Deluxe at Jojo Maman Bebe

2. Babymoov Cosydream


Babymoov Cosydream is a cheaper alternative to some of the other pods. Its design is based on the advice of healthcare professional recommendations to give baby the optimal sleeping position. It is recommended that babies sleep on the backs, helping airways stay open to prevent the risk of suffocation.

As well as aiding better breathing, the back support and leg support (which gently tilts the legs upwards) of the Cosydream helps relieve the symptoms of reflux.

The memory foam means that the Cosydream moulds to baby’s shape for maximum comfort and can be used inside a cot to create a smaller and snug space for baby to sleep. It’s suitable from birth to around the time baby starts turning over.

Mums say: “My baby would not sleep flat on a mat but has been sleeping on this perfectly for five months. Easy to take with us when travelling. My baby has now moved to the big cot but still sleeps on the Babymoov in the big cot which is great as it prevents him from rolling” – Amazon buyer.

Private Pregnancy UK RatingFour-Stars

View the Babymoov Cosydream at Amazon

3. ClevaMama Mum 2 Me Pod


The Mum 2 Me Pod is the most versatile of the five. Not only is it a baby sleeping pod but before baby comes along it’s an amazing pregnancy support pillow.

Designed to support the whole body, it’s made from ClevaFoam® technology to help sore limbs and aching bodies on days when you find it impossible to get comfortable.

Once baby is here it transforms into a breathable nest which is designed to reduce pressure on the back of the baby’s head. It’s made from 100% cotton and is machine washable.

Mums say: “Versatile – as you can use it before the baby is born for you to sleep comfortably, as a pillow to get comfortable when breastfeeding and a nest for when the baby is born. Very clever design” – Mothercare buyer.

Private Pregnancy UK RatingFour-Stars

View the ClevaMama Mum 2 Me Pod at Mothercare

4. Cocoonababy

Cocoonababy is the closest to replicating conditions in the womb. Rather than transitioning baby immediately from foetal position in the womb to lying flat, it positions the baby in a semi-foetal position and moulds around her to give an extra sense of cosiness and security.

The position of the Cocoonababy makes it ideal for dealing with babies with acid reflux. The tummy band that holds baby in gives extra security whilst preventing the harsh jolt of startle reflex meaning baby can sleep more soundly.

Because of its form, the Cocoonababy is only useful until baby is three to four months old. But by this time, you should have some good sleeping and resting practices in place.

Mums say: “My baby would only sleep on us so after two weeks we decided to take the plunge and buy this after a friend recommended it. The first night she was in it we felt that we got our money’s worth, ten times over. Our only regret was that we didn’t have it from her birth. She started sleeping so well through the night and would regularly get eight to ten hours straight” – John Lewis buyer.

Private Pregnancy UK RatingFour-Stars

View the Cocoonababy at John Lewis

5. Purflo Breathable Nest


The Purflo Breathable Nest is made from 100% soft cotton and anti-bacterial mesh. It’s similar to the mesh you find on the new regulation mesh bumpers. Both conform to British safety regulations.

The Purflo nest is flame retardant and filled with material which is both antibacterial and antifungal to combat asthma and eczema.

The nest can be used as a crib insert, reducing the size of the cot for a tiny baby. It’s good for sleep time (co-sleeping) and for play time (particularly useful for tummy time).

Mums say: “Absolutely invaluable with a new born. Used to co sleep, in crib then when transferring to cot and on sofa for naps. Lasted until my son was about 6/7 months then I just removed he cushion from the cover and placed under fitted sheet so he could continue to sleep peacefully” – Amazon buyer.

Private Pregnancy UK RatingFive-Stars

View the Purflo Breathable Nest at Amazon

Best Alternatives To The Baby Sleeping Pod

If you’re not sold on baby sleeping pods, then don’t worry, there are a whole host of other options for helping bubba to drop off to sleep.


Moses basket: If you prefer to keep things traditional moses baskets have long been used as first beds for babies. Made from lightweight and durable palm, this moses basket is a beautiful addition to any nursery.

View Moses basket at John Lewis

British Baby Box

Baby Box: The Finnish government have been giving out baby boxes to expectant parents since 1983. The box itself can be used as the baby’s first bed. In addition, it is filled to the brim with clothes, bedding, toys and information. If you’re worried about your baby sleeping in a box, don’t: Finland have one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates in the world. Not only is it useful and re-useable, baby boxes are a thoughtful and welcome gift for expectant friends and family.

View the Baby Box at British Baby Box


SnuzPod Bedside Crib and Mattress: With the SnuzPod you get a three for the price of one deal. It can be used as a bedside crib, a standalone crib and a moses basket. The bedside crib means baby can be as close as possible to you whilst still sleeping in their own space, as experts advise.

View SnuzPod Bedside Crib and Mattress at Amazon


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