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Pushchair Guide – UPPAbaby Vista

2017 Pushchair Guide - UPPAbaby Vista

RRP £849, but there are some great deals on the web!

Get excited if you have a big family or are planning on extending your brood. Uppababy Vista is the most qualified pushchair on our list to cope with the demands of a growing or large family. There are so many ways to use your Vista, you might end up having more children just to try them out (!).

Uppababy say they have so many configurations which make transporting second and third children a ‘breeze’ and lots of happy parents and experts agree with their award winning design.  

Aside from its practicality, Vista is a beautifully made, well thought out push chair.

The Facts

At 12.4kg/27lbs (with single standard seat) Uppababy Vista is slightly less weighty than some of its rivals. Although having said that, this is a big pushchair. It’s not a little, zippy, one-handed fold job; it’s a sturdy multiple use vehicle. So, if you’re looking for something small and sweet, this isn’t it (think Range Rover to Fiat 500 scale). The latest model has been pared down in width but is still quite wide at 67cms (although not so wide that it doesn’t fit through doors).  

The most impressive thing about Vista, however, is how it copes with the demands of a growing family. It comes with the seat and a carrycot. The carrycot is used up to six months, then the toddler seat takes over. There are untold seat combinations to make family life with little ones a doddle. Here are the basic seat combos:

1 x standard carrycot or toddler seat (reclining, parent and world facing)
2 x rear and forward facing, reclining toddler seats
2 x infant car seats
2 x carrycots.

All seat options are managed one behind the other, in tandem, so that adding new seats doesn’t mean adding more width.  The toddler seats recline to 180 degrees and can operated with one hand.

With improved AirGo hard rubber wheels and front and rear suspension, the Vista is a pushchair for all terrains.  Even in double buggy mode, the Vista can cope sturdily with the demands of the environment with minimal pushing effort!

2017 Pushchair Guide - UPPAbaby Vista

What’s In The Box?

There’s plenty in the box and many parents comment that Vista, unlike some of the other expensive travel systems, is a better buy because of what is offered:

  1. Carrycot
  2. Toddler seat
  3. Two rain covers
  4. Two SPF 50 sunshades
  5. Two insect nets
  6. Infant car seat adapters

What’s Extra?

Because of its functionality there is a whole array of extras:

  1. Second seat – £219.99
  2. Cup holder – £22.99
  3. Snug seat insert – £37.99
  4. Lower/Upper adapters – £24.99
  5. Lower car seat adapters – £32.99
  6. Twin adapter/upper twin – £24.99
  7. Car seat adapters – £37.99
  8. Travel bag
  9. Second carrycot – £179-229
  10. PiggyBack board – £94.99
  11. Changing bag – £59.99
  12. Parent organiser – £24.99
  13. Rain cover – £24.99
  14. Mattress cover – £19.99

Interesting Features

  • Extra-large under seat basket
  • Seat configurations
  • Magnetic peak-a-boo window
  • Extendable 50+ SPF sunshade
  • Flip flop friendly brake
  • Quick second seat installation (both children can have clear view of the world)
  • One button telescopic handlebar (four height positions)
  • High up seat position
  • Detachable and swing open bumper bar

2017 Pushchair Guide - UPPAbaby Vista


Whilst the fold is easy, it is not a one-handed fold. Although, handily, if you are using a standard single toddler seat, you can fold down the Vista with the seat still in place.  

Pull up the handlebar, release the levers on both sides of the chassis – the chair folds backwards in on itself. It can stand alone when folded down.

What We Love

Parents rave about the size of the basket, so if you’re a shopaholic (this title is quite hard to retain with a new baby, lack of time/money etc., but even so…) the Vista won’t let you down on a day out at the shops.  

Where Vista comes into its own, however, is if you’re on a long day out with the kidssss! From car seat, to toddler seat, to carrycot, to PiggyBack board, your choice of seat combinations is extensive. Say you have a baby in the carrycot and a demanding toddler who wants to be in and out of his chair. No problem. Attach the PiggyBack board (extra cost – which folds up neatly and easily out of the way) and he can jump in and out of his seat to his heart’s content.  

When using two seats, there are options to face each seat the same or different ways. Even when seats are facing the same way there is plenty of room for both children to have a view of the world, making their journey more pleasurable, as well as yours. The only slight hindrance to view is when two carrycots are in use. However, as most tiny babies spend 16-17 hours sleeping, this is not so much of an issue.

Despite its size and seat combinations, the Vista can deal with all terrains and is easy to push, even up and down curbs.

What We’re Not So Taken With

The carrycot is a little on the snug side, which might become a problem if you have a baby high on the weight/height percentile as he nears six months.

The width can make this a fairly hefty product, so make sure that the pram fits in your boot before you purchase. Also, to get the seat combinations you need to purchase plenty of adapters. This is fine if you buy the pushchair from baby one, as when baby two comes along it’s just a case of an extra seat and some adapters. However, if you are switching to this pushchair with plenty of little mites in tow, don’t forget to factor in the expense of the adapters.  

The push brake is a fab idea if you’re a small footed lady in flip flops as you can push down to release the brake rather than breaking a toe trying to release it upwards. However, if you have big feet, or big winter-booted feet, the break is slightly small, to one side, and can be trickier to navigate.  

Although the fold is good, it’s not one-handed. And watch out – if you stand the chair upright, it stands on its handle. Not so good if you stand it on a rain sodden pavement and then use it later – icky wet handle!

Overall, though, Uppababy Vista is a beautiful pushchair that copes with anything a modern family can throw at it.

Get the Uppababy Vista here.

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