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Pushchair Guide – Stokke Xplory

2017 Pushchair Guide - Stokke Xplory

From £849

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Stokke Xplory…

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Then Xplory is your thing. Stokke threw the manufacturing handbook out of the window with this pushchair and designed an ‘iconic’ pram that’s as practical as it is unique.   

If you like the feel of being up high, then your little ones will love being able to see the world from your point of view.  

The USP of this product is the seat, which, because of the ability to have your child up high, promotes bonding between parent and baby. The seat can be positioned at any point along 12cms on the chassis. Parent and world facing, it can be used from birth (with the aid of the ‘wedge’). So, although the price is hefty, at least you don’t have the further expense of buying a carrycot or newborn kit.  

The Facts

Xplory is not the lightest pushchair but weighs in fairly light at 10.5kg/23lbs. The pushchair is made of highest quality materials, which is evident as soon as you look at and touch the product. It comes in eight colours.

The adjustable seat, according to Stokke, promotes eye contact with parent when parent facing, and a better view of the surroundings when world facing. Also, the option to have baby seated higher means less exposure to exhaust fumes.

Seat lining, back cover and harness protectors are washable.

There are three parent facing positions and two world facing positions. The seat is deep and soft padded and has an adjustable foot rest for extra comfort.  

Because of its design, the manoeuvrability is great. Just one long chassis rather than the standard ‘block’ design of most chairs.  

Xplory comes with a storage bag, rather than an under-seat basket, that can be removed and carried.

2017 Pushchair Guide - Stokke Xplory

What’s In The Box?

  • Chassis
  • Seat unit
  • Rain cover
  • Canopy
  • Visor for canopy
  • New-born insert
  • Bumper bar
  • Mosquito net
  • Shopping bag
  • Foot rest
  • Harness protector
  • Seat pad
  • Chassis

What’s Extra?

Because of its functionality there is a whole array of extras:

  • Carrycot – £170-£209
  • Sheepskin – £209
  • Sleeping bag – £85
  • Footmuff – £99
  • Winter kit – £255
  • Car seat adapter – £42
  • Summer kit – £119
  • Parasol – £42
  • Blanket – £41
  • Cup holder – £18
  • Cup holder adapter – £8
  • Sibling board – £87
  • Sleeping bag – £155
  • Changing bag – £99
  • Pram pack – £135
  • Seat style kit – £167
  • Wheels – £89
  • Terry cloth cover – £30
  • Seat inlay – £42

Interesting Features

  • Comes ready to go
  • Height adjustable handle – 84-100cms
  • EVA non puncture tyres
  • Washable covers
  • Great seat positions for little ones
  • Seat that sits upright and reclines almost flat (in parent facing mode)
  • Suitable from birth with wedge (supplied)
  • 360-degree swivel wheels – lighter and stronger for good manoeuvrability

2017 Pushchair Guide - Stokke Xplory


The folding can be a little tricky on the Xplory. There a few steps in order to fold it down that take some getting used to. As with all modular pushchairs, you have to remove the seat first.

If using, remove the footrest and pop off the seat – this is very straightforward. After that, push down the handlebar and pull a lever to make the wheels close into the frame. Then another lever folds down the handlebar into the frame. Remembering all the steps can be challenging until you are used to the system.

What We Love

The Xplory can be used straight out of the box. The pushchair comes assembled (aside from putting the seat into place), so you’re up and ready to go with minimal fuss.

The fact that you can use the pushchair from birth without adding on bassinet/carrycot (although this is an optional extra too) means that the price of the Xplory becomes more competitive. A handy ‘wedge’ levels out the seat, so that baby can be accommodated from birth.  

By far the best things about the Xplory are its design and the seat. The frame is one ‘stick’ and less bulky than conventional pushchairs. Together with the 360-degree swivel wheels, this makes for much easier manoeuvrability. The seat is cocoon-like, of good proportion and the infinite options for height level make it adaptable for any purpose, including having your little one sit up at a table while you enjoy a coffee and a snack.   

The height adjustable, curved handlebar makes it comfortable for anyone pushing the chair.  

What We’re Not So Taken With

Whilst the adjustable seat makes this pushchair particularly handy for having your baby at table height in a restaurant without the need for a highchair, you can’t move the seat with baby in it. Removing your child before changing the seat height can turn this positive into a more complicated procedure.  

The Xplory isn’t particularly useful for ‘nipping’ around town. The various steps necessary to fold down the pushchair would make it cumbersome to use on public transport or for quick trips to the shop.

The zip bag, whilst very attractive, is not particularly spacious and having to open and close it, opposed to the convenience of ‘throwing’ things into an under-seat basket, can become a little tedious. Some argue that stooping down to undo and do up the bag takes away from the usefulness of the high seated position as you are often bending down regardless.

The Xplory has no suspension, so the chair itself absorbs all the bumps and humps. And when folded down, the unit still takes up plenty of space, so those with smaller cars will find that their boot space is pretty limited once the pushchair is inside.

However, if you are looking for impeccable design and materials and like the idea of having lots of eye contact with your baby, the Xplory is a fabulous pushchair that will accommodate your growing child in style from birth to three years.

Get the Stokke Xplory here.

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