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Pushchair Guide – Silver Cross Surf 3

2017 Pushchair Guide – Silver Cross Surf 3


William Wilson, founder of Silver Cross, invented the first baby carriage in 1877. The company has come a long way since then, having helped over 10 million babies get the best start in life. With its royal connections, Silver Cross will always be known as the ‘Rolls Royce of prams’.

The Silver Cross Surf 3 continues to carry the baton for chic design and luxury styling in 2017. It’s a beauty of a pushchair, with its chrome option and leatherette handle. The padding, the materials, the finish, all make this an eye catching number that sits well with yummy mummies but can also handle a rough terrain.   

Easily, it is a competitor on a par with other well-known high end brands. The USP of Silver Cross is the quality of the ride and always has been. With air sprung suspension, Silver Cross products are very much into comfort, for parent and baby!

The Silver Cross Wave, another member of the range, is a pushchair option of a similar ilk for growing families too.

The Facts

Interestingly, the Surf 3 comes with an easily switched extra ‘trekking’ wheel, making the move from high street to field easy and practical. The wheels themselves are air sprung and puncture proof so the ride is more akin to that of a mountain bike than a pushchair – a winner for a sleepy baby!

At 11.3kg/25lbs it’s not super light, but it’s lighter than many of the high end travel system pushchairs and with its suspension can handle any terrain with ease. Another bonus is that for a big pushchair it folds fairly small. Anyone with small boot space or living in an apartment or flat or smaller house can have a luxury pushchair without having it take up too much room.  

The whole chair is well designed, including the comfortable padded carrycot and seat.

The Surf 3 comes in 6 stunning colours with two choices of chassis colour (silver or graphite). Special editions are available, including the Henley and the Eton. Watch out for the Aston Martin special edition, this will set you back £3000 (yikes) and has been a celeb favourite.

2017 Pushchair Guide – Silver Cross Surf 3

What’s in the box?

There’s a fair bit of assembly with this one but it comes with a lot of extras included:

  1. Chassis
  2. Seat
  3. Carrycot
  4. Trekking wheel
  5. Hood and apron pack
  6. Rain cover
  7. Shopping basket
  8. Car seat adapters

What’s extra?

Because of its functionality there is a whole array of extras:

  1. Simplicity car seat – £150
  2. Changing bag – £50
  3. Parasol – £35
  4. Isofix car seat base – £145
  5. Reversible seat liner – £45
  6. Luxury seat liner – £60
  7. Buggy board – £75
  8. Universal winter pack – £100
  9. Universal summer pack – £100
  10. Maxi cosi car seat adapters – £30

Interesting features

  • Four or three wheeled for different terrains
  • Air sprung suspension
  • Four height handlebar
  • Click on/off foot break
  • Luxury leatherette handle
  • Hood and apron pack can be used with both carrycot and seat

2017 Pushchair Guide – Silver Cross Surf 3


Unfortunately, the Surf 3 can be a little let down by its fold mechanism. It’s certainly not one hand fold and there are a number of steps to get it down: ensure break is on, find the lever on the handlebar and push down until you hear a click. Then fold handlebar up and over. Press the release button on the bottom of the chassis ad push down. Then click the safety catch.

As with many pushchair systems, you have to remove the seat before you fold down the chassis which can be a bit of a pain when trying to juggle baby and get the pram in the boot of a car. However, the Surf 3 folds down into one of the flattest folds of a pushchair its size – useful if you have a smaller boot.

What we love

Although the Silver Cross Surf 3 is expensive, it comes with a lot! The carrycot is included so the pushchair can be used from birth. The extra trekking wheel takes care of stony paths and beaches. You don’t have to buy car seat adapters separately (if you’re using the Simplicity car seat) and the hood and apron pack offer warm protection at no extra cost.

Silver Cross have managed to balance the line of nostalgia and modern day brilliantly. It’s a quality and beautiful build but with many features that make it highly practical. The click on/off brake saves painful toes and the adjustable handlebar means a comfortable ride for all family members.

The luxurious seat and carrycot makes for a comfortable environment for baby, awake and asleep.

What we’re not so taken with

Whilst the three-wheel option is a great idea and useful, when using it you lose some of the famous manoeuvrability because it’s a locked wheel.  In four-wheel mode, the swivel wheels make it easy to corner and navigate, especially small isles. However, the three-wheel mode can be a bit heavy on the wrists when trying to turn the chair.  

Storage is a bit tight on the Surf 3. The basket is not very big and there are no extra pockets for purses or mobile phones.

The foot rest is not adjustable which for a pram of this size is disappointing.

Having said all that, however, the Surf 3 is a well-made, beautiful pushchair from a company with exceptional heritage. It provides many great features at a competitive price.

Get the Silver Cross Surf 3 here.

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