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Pushchair Guide – Omnio Stroller

2017 Pushchair Guide – Omnio Stroller

Available for £389

The first ‘wearable’ pushchair, the Omnio Stroller, was invented by husband and wife team Samantha and Markus Warwick. Born from difficulties encountered during a particularly tricky family outing in 2012, the Omnio offers a great solution to families looking for a flexible pushchair option. If your child likes to walk/be pushed/be carried (we all know the drill) then this pushchair is for you. The Omnio is practical, versatile and extremely light weight. It’s overriding plus point is the fact that it folds into a backpack and can be carried around with ease when your little one decides that they want to be carried. Unlike other foldable pushchairs, the Omnio offers great handling and suspension through its innovative ‘wheel of wheels’, which makes pushing a breeze, even one handed! With puncture proof tyres it is suitable for most terrains (although not marketed as an ‘off-road’ buggy), but is best suited for city dwelling, small living spaces, public transport and days out. The Omnio is suitable from six months to four years.

The Facts

The Omnio wheels mean that this buggy makes light work of uneasy ground, or any terrain. Some of the small foldable pushchairs have prioritised weight and fold at the expense of the quality of the ride, but Omnio have made sure that they haven’t skimped in this department.

The pushchair is suitable from six months to four years, or 22kgs (which could be comfortable for a large number of five year olds even). Although it weighs in at just 7.5kg, the Omnio is sturdy and well built. The seat covering is washable at 30 degrees and the wheels and mud guards detach for washing also. It has an extendable handle which is unusual for this type of stroller and comes with a carry bag.

It comes ready-made –no fiddly construction needed, and folds up neatly into a back pack for storage, portability during use and can fit in the overhead locker on most airlines.

2017 Pushchair Guide – Omnio Stroller

What’s In The Box?

There’s a fair bit of assembly with this one but it comes with a lot of extras included:

  1. The Omnio
  2. Rain cover
  3. Detachable shopping net
  4. Travel bag

What’s Extra?

  1. Stroller bag – £35
  2. Changing bag – £50
  3. Bottle bag – £20

Interesting Features

  • Omnio wheels – a ‘wheel of wheels’. Instead of solid tyres, the wheel itself has a ridge of rollers around the outside, meaning it can roll in multi directions without having to swivel. This makes for an easier and more comfortable ride. The wheels are also non puncture.
  • The design is sleek and robust. It oozes quality and is built to last.
  • Extendable handle.
  • Six-point comfortable padded harness which doubles as shoulder straps for backpack function.
  • Mud guards.
  • Suitable for older and heavier toddlers too.

2017 Pushchair Guide – Omnio Stroller


The Omnio folds to half its size and is one of the super foldable buggies on the market. It’s ideal for public transport, squeezing into smaller spaces and for travel abroad. It is trickier to fold than some pushchairs and it takes two hands to use the mechanism, although the fold instructions are easy to follow and it becomes easier once you get the hang of it.

What We Love

The wheels make this pushchair a well built and robust machine. Some of the other small folding pushchairs can feel a bit flimsy but the Omnio is very sturdy. Because of the flexibility in the wheels and its low to the ground position, the suspension is very good, giving a comfy ride for both child and parent.

The Omnio is great if you are a city dweller struggling for space, and can fit easily in the car boot. The fact that this is a wearable pushchair makes the Omnio very attractive. Being hands free with toddler and pushchair in tow is invaluable in many situations and on long days out.

It has been safety tested rigorously to manage weight and is a good quality, sturdy pushchair that is built to last.

2017 Pushchair Guide – Omnio Stroller

What We’re Not So Taken With

The Omnio is not compatible with a travel system, so it’s much better suited for children from six months. However, this could make it quite an expensive second pushchair.

The seat being so low to the ground might be off putting for some parents, although its low centre of gravity improves the ride.

The hood is tricky to use, doesn’t cover the whole child and has to be detached before folding, which makes the whole process a little fiddly. Also the recline position is limited. There is limited storage, but this is the same for all strollers that fold very small.

Wearing a pushchair might not be terribly fashionable and you have to be careful not to hit objects and people when turning with it on your back. However, this is offset by the invaluable usefulness of being ‘hands-free’ when dealing with a small tot.

Buy the Omnio Stroller here.

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