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Pushchair Guide – Maclaren Techno XT

2017 Pushchair Guide - Maclaren Techno XT


Maclaren is an established, well regarded British brand. Award winning and popular, Maclaren “sets the standard for easy manoeuvring and a smooth ride”.

In 1965, Maclaren designed the first, ground-breaking, umbrella fold pushchair after the birth of his granddaughter and for the past 50 odd years the company have continued to lead the way in design and durability (even bagging a coveted Time Magazine cover).

Maclaren are so confident in their design that they offer a lifetime warranty.

The Facts

At one point a Maclaren was the lightest pushchair you could buy. However, there are so many products on the market now, that this is no longer the case. Fully assembled, it weighs 7.1kg/15lbs. Which is still fairly light, making it a perfect urban pushchair.

With some nifty extras and four-wheel suspension, the Techno XT is a sturdy, good looking and functional machine. The design has been tested over 400,000 obstacles so you can be pretty confident that your buggy is capable of withstanding what life has to offer. It has met Global Safety Standards, including for endurance and curb pop testing, so it’s no fool under pressure.

Maclaren are against car seat travel systems which they say create a risk of flat head syndrome, oxygen desaturation and spinal developments delays. So whilst the pushchair is suitable from birth, you cannot use it with a car seat, although a carrycot is available to buy.

What’s In The Box?

There’s a fair bit of assembly with this one but it comes with a lot of extras included:

  1. Pushchair
  2. Hood with see through flip out sunshield
  3. Rain cover
  4. Tether strap
  5. Carry handle
  6. Head hugger and chest pads

What’s Extra?

  1. Foot muff – £49.99
  2. Cup holder – from £10
  3. Storage bag – £20
  4. Mosquito net – £25
  5. Parasol – £30
  6. Universal organiser – £25
  7. Carrycot – £145

Interesting Features

  • Umbrella fold (five seconds)
  • Four position recline (with full recline)
  • Fully assembled
  • Four-wheel suspension
  • Extendable leg rest
  • Over-sized shopping basket
  • Expandable hood and sun visor
  • Self-service replacement parts
  • Adjustable handlebar

2017 Pushchair Guide - Maclaren Techno XT


Umbrella, five second fold. This can be done with your foot whilst holding baby. The only issue seems to be that the pushchair only clips on one side which can make it feel as though it’s coming apart when you pick it up.

What We Love

The history of Maclaren is hard to ignore. It has been a trusted, straightforward brand for so many years that you always feel safe buying one.  

With its light weight, easy fold mechanism and durability, this is a great pushchair for the urban jungle. You can jump on and off buses with ease, move around tight spaces and not have to worry about it taking a bit of a bashing.

Not only is the Techno XT strong and sturdy but the seat is very spacious. Together with the head hugger, there’s plenty of room to accommodate your new born baby and fidgety toddler.  

Many lightweight pushchairs have to forgo the detail, but the Techno has an adjustable footrest, full recline and an adjustable handlebar, meaning that you don’t have to compromise on extra features.

There’s plenty of storage with the XT. Not only is the under seat basket very spacious but there are pockets on the back of the sun canopy too.

What We’re Not So Taken With

In much the same way as the Baby Jogger City Mini, the Techno XT has no option of seat position. Both pushchairs are from birth, which means your newborn will be world facing from minute one! This is accounted for with peek-a-boo windows in the canopy. But if you’re a parent who wants out and about time to be a chance for bonding, the lack of seat options will be a negative.

Whilst the Maclaren is very sturdy, as with all lightweight pushchairs, if you load up bags on the back, there is a chance of it tipping over. Of course, the advice would be to not put bags on the back of prams, but then life gets super tricky!

On certain surfaces the Maclaren can struggle, despite its four-wheel suspension.

However, you only have to look at the pushchair shed at nursery to realise how popular this pushchair is!  

Get the Maclaren Techno XT here.

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