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Pushchair Guide – iCandy Peach

2017 Pushchair Guide - iCandy Peach

Starting price of £755

If you’re looking for a smart multi-award-winning pushchair, the iCandy Peach is for you. The ‘Rolls Royce’ of pushchairs, endorsed by celebrities such a Victoria Beckham, this Brit-made machine is a beauty in both design and function; “the best of British design and quality engineering that is built to last”. With its beautiful chrome design (it also comes in matt black), leatherette bumpers and handle, it’s a real head turner!

The number one feature of this pushchair is its versatility and ability to function for numerous uses. It’s a pushchair that will see you from newborn to toddler, from one child to two. The designers have thought of every eventuality, so despite the big price tag, if you’re thinking of extending your family, this pushchair can cope with another child without the cost of buying another chair.

Although it’s sturdy and can be altered for use in many ways, it’s still relatively lightweight and can be steered with one hand. Its EVA non-puncture wheels and great suspension give a great ride for parent and child.

Be aware, however, that carrycot and second seat units are extra, which pushes the price up to well over £900 if you are using from newborn or for a second child.

The facts

Peach is not touted as a lightweight pushchair, but weighs in at 14.2kg (31lbs) with pushchair unit and wheels attached. To operate the one handed fold mechanism, you have to remove the seat or carrycot unit – which is simple enough – and then the chassis is a more manageable 8.9kg (19lbs) with a carry strap so you can put it over your shoulder.  

It can be used from newborn with the carrycot. Once in seat mode (six months plus) the seat can be parent or world facing. It reclines into three different positions and the elevators make the seat height adjustable for better interaction with your little one.  

It can be used in carrycot, single, double (blossom), twin and car seat mode and comes in twelve appealing colour combinations which have Instagram filter worthy names.

The multi-positional handle means anyone in the family can push it with ease and comfort. It has an extendable and height adjustable canopy and easy to use harness.  

2017 Pushchair Guide - iCandy Peach

What’s in the box?

  1. Chassis
  2. Seat
  3. Rain cover
  4. Elevators
  5. Leatherette bumper bar

What’s extra?

Because of its functionality there is a whole array of extras:

  1. Parasol/Cup Holder Clamp – £5
  2. Screen – £29
  3. Lower car seat adapters – £30
  4. Elevators – £30
  5. Converter adaptors – £45
  6. Car seat adapters – £30
  7. Travel bag – £80
  8. Cup holder – £15
  9. Organic mattress – £40
  10. Footmuff – various (around £80-£90)
  11. Parasol – £30

Interesting features

  • Stunning looks
  • Relatively light and compact
  • Huge array of seat combinations for all ages
  • Easy to use harness
  • One handed seat removal
  • Multi-positional handle
  • EVA non puncture wheels
  • Elevators for varying height seat

2017 Pushchair Guide - iCandy Peach


The folding mechanism, whilst more involved than other pushchairs, is brilliantly straight forward. The seat can be removed by popping the two buttons on either side. Once removed you simply press the clever latch in the centre of the handlebar (which is also used for changing handlebar height) to push down the bar into the frame, then lift the carry strap in the centre of the frame and pull upwards. The chassis folds in on itself automatically, allowing you to put the chassis across your shoulder with ease.

What we love

It’s hard not to love something that comes with a high price tag. It’s costly because it’s well thought out, beautifully designed, well-made and efficient. The design means it can be adaptable to all kinds of situations.  

The under-seat area is roomy and can take and entire baby bag without a squeeze. It’s so light that even at full capacity it runs like a dream with one hand steering. In addition, it’s been designed with many family situations in mind. For instance, the adaptors allow you to raise the height of the seat so that you can use the chair as a highchair when out and about. The cushioned EVA wheels make it useful on all types of terrains.

The iCandy can be used in single, blossom or twin mode (with paid extras to convert) so can be used from first baby onwards without having to buy another pushchair. Converting the Peach into all these different modes is super easy, with a series of adapters.

We love that baby comfort has been catered for; three position recline, extendable footrest and a rain cover that’s easy peasy to use.

What we’re not so taken with

iPeach is a grand machine that does a lot, but as such it’s not as compact or lightweight as some of the other pushchairs on the market. The fact that you have to remove the seat to fold down means that you could be juggling the two parts and baby – not ideal if using transport or travelling or dealing with some of the physical limitations of being a new mum. If you are on the go a lot this might not be the most practical option for you.

Many of the extras you need to convert the pushchair into its clever configurations require adapters at extra cost. Once converted, the pushchair isn’t as stable in double or elevated mode as it is in standard single mode and the clever button (situated in the middle of the handlebar) that operates the height adjustment can get in the way if you are trying to steer with one hand (do not push the button!).  

The positioning of the seats (one on top of the other) if using for more than one child, could leave one child ‘hemmed’ in.  However, you have to consider this against the problems created by the width of a standard double buggy. Overall, it’s an expensive purchase and additional extras will push up the price. But if you’re looking for something that will stand the test of time and a growing family (and do it in style), Peach could be your best bet.

Get the iCandy Peach here.

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