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Pushchair Guide – GB Pockit

2017 Pushchair Guide - GB Pockit

Starting price of £149.95

World’s smallest folding stroller (Guinness Book of Records)!

There are three hashtags associated with the GB Gold Pockit: #lightasafeather, #smallestfold and #extremelycompact

Pockit is a parent’s dream when on the hop! I have one that I keep in the boot of my car, so that when I pop to the shops, my life is amazingly simple. I’ve been stopped in the street before and asked what it is. It folds down so teeny that it fits in a bag, which also means it fits in overheads of planes and trains. If you’re a travelling family, you have to invest in one of these.

It’s so light you can push it with one finger and carry it over your shoulder. It’s priceless on the tube when navigating escalators and squished train compartments.  

Obviously this portability comes at a price. There is no rain cover, adapters, or recline function, but then it’s not made for long outings across different terrains. That said, if you encounter bumpy terrain, it’s feather light and you can just pick it up.  

Overall the GB Pockit screams of ‘freedom’, which any mum knows is worth its weight in gold.  

The Facts

The GB Pockit is tiny. It weighs in at 4.3kg. Its clever fold means that it can be placed in the bag it comes with and slung over your shoulder in a jiffy! It’s suitable for ages 6 months to around 3 years.

It can feel a bit wobbly once opened up, but actually the performance is pretty sturdy, within reason.

Its simplistic design means that accessories are few and far between, and it’s not necessarily made for comfort or long journeys, but nevertheless the seat, hammock style, is comfortable enough.

There is a very small canopy attached to the top of the pushchair and an under-seat compartment, which holds sufficient, although not an entire shopping trip’s worth.  

What’s In The Box?

Portability is the name of the game with this little wonder, so accessories are not a priority:  

  1. The GB Pockit (ready to go)
  2. Carry bag

What’s Extra?

  1. Footmuff
  2. Travel bag
  3. Changing bag

These don’t seem to be readily available as yet.

Interesting Features

  • Tiny fold down size – 30x18x35cms when folded down
  • Great for saving space, in the car on the train
  • Carry on as hand luggage on a plane
  • Easy to use five-point harness

2017 Pushchair Guide - GB Pockit


The fact that this folds so small and weighs so little gives parents total freedom over their day. If you’ve planned a family outing into town, what better than a piece of baby kit you can magic up and make disappear in a flash?

The fold mechanism works two ways. By telescoping down the handlebars the chair folds in on itself. The second way involves lifting the back wheels up into themselves before folding it up on itself. This rarely needs to be used and is most useful when folding up prior to a flight for overhead storage.  

What We Love

The size of course! And the freedom the size brings. No more navigating around clothes rails (badly), or getting stuck on door frames, but being able to hop on a tube, or jump on a plane; all things you miss when the reality of having a baby sinks in.    

Despite its size my little one is always happy to go into the Pockit and has been known to have a decent snooze in there too.

Front wheels can be locked into place or swivelled for better manoeuvrability.  

What We’re Not So Taken With

Many things have been left off the Pockit because of its overall purpose, so there’s plenty of things missing. However, many of these are outweighed by the benefit it brings.

The canopy is kind of a token. There’s not much protection, but at least there’s some. The seat is also open to the elements, so this is definitely not an outdoor, British winter day pushchair. Talking of seats, it doesn’t recline, so not recommended to leave baby in there for hours at a time.

The under-seat basket is small, so whilst it’s convenient for shopping trips, it might be more of a window shop and special bijoux goods experience (but hey, how much room does a diamond need?).

Overall, if you have the luxury of being able to have a second pushchair, this, hands down, is the one to have.

Get the GB Pockit here.

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