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Pushchair Guide – Cybex Priam

Pushchair Guide Summer 2018 – Cybex Priam

From £760

The first thing to say about the Priam is that you can’t get more choice! Cybex claim to have ‘individualised’ the pram buying process with various build options available to enhance and suit your way of life.  

The straightforward, well designed and elegant chassis has a combination of attachments and options, including three different types of wheels (light, trekking, all terrain) so that you can custom build your chair to suit. You can even buy a pair of skis for it. Yes, skis!!! Let that sink in …

As with everything Cybex, the Priam is a beauty and takes its inspiration from the iconic and practical furniture designs of Charles and Ray Eames. Their ability to merge form and function to create things aesthetically pleasing, as well as useful, is the driving force behind the Priam, which is, according to Cybex; “an extremely robust and versatile pushchair, yet still possessing a form that is incomparably light and timeless”.

The Facts

So, let’s get our head around options!

  • Three different seat options – the carrycot, the Lux seat or the 2-in-1 Light seat.
  • Two different chassis options – chrome with white wheels or black with black wheels.
  • Wheels – light for smooth surfaces, trekking, hybrid for multi surfaces and all terrain for bumpy rides.

Pushchair Guide Summer 2018 – Cybex Priam

The Lux seat can be used from birth and the 2-in-1 seat, which is slightly more expensive, converts from carrycot into pushchair seat, so can also be used from birth but with the need for adapting. The Lux seat is very padded, comfortable and reclines fully with a large extendable hood and adjustable footrest. The 2-in-1 seat is similar (without adjustable footrest), but, as mentioned, can be converted. Both chairs can be parent or world facing and both sit high on the frame so that you can converse easier with baby or sit them up at the table without having to grab a highchair.  

To make this into a complete travel system, you have to buy one of two Cybex infant seats, the Anton Q or the Cloud Q. As a travel system it’s a very expensive pushchair. With just the frame and the carrycot (which you can buy separately) or the frame and the Lux seat, you are looking to spend around £750-£820. The frame with the 2-in-1 seat is pushing £900 (although this seat is more versatile. Adding a Cybex infant seat to this mix (from £150 upwards) makes this pushchair at the high end financially.

However, this is a beautifully made pushchair and comes in seven muted colour tones. There are limited editions too, but this comes at a cost. The Priam Jeremy Scott is a whopping £1,450.

What’s In The Box?

Well, what’s in the box is entirely up to you, depending on wheel option, chassis colour and seat option. But the basics are:

  1. Chassis with wheel options
  2. Seat
  3. Rain cover
  4. Car seat adapters

What’s Extra?

Still hung up on the skis, I have to say…

  1. Sleeping bag – £85
  2. Footmuff – £100
  3. Mosquito net – £20
  4. Changing bag – £130
  5. Parasol – £35
  6. Skis – £60
  7. Cup holder – £20
  8. Kid board – £70
  9. Front wheel adapter
  10. Snack tray

Interesting Features

  • Different options to suit individual usage
  • High seat position
  • High quality rubber wheel with ‘never flat’ foam fill
  • Extra-large shopping basket
  • Light frame
  • Adjustable handle bar
  • One hand fold
  • Extendable sun canopy with 50+ UPV
  • Various seat recline positions including flat
  • Straps adjust automatically when moving seat position

Pushchair Guide Summer 2018 – Cybex Priam


The Priam is one hand fold and can be folded down with the Lux seat in place. With the 2-in-1 seat you have to remove the seat from the chassis first.

The lux seat has a handy lever that allows you to fold it into itself, then push down the handle bar and use your foot on the back of the chassis to push the back and front wheel in on each other.  

What We Love

Obviously the range of choices make Cybex a real contender for greatness. If you are a family who loves the outdoors, the wheel options give you the freedom to buy a pram that can contend with any terrain. With great suspension and quality tyres, the Priam is a doddle to push, one handed even.

There is an option to fold the wheels in on each other too, making the pushchair a two-wheeler. Stairs and alleyways, or even a trip to the beach, are easier to navigate.

The high seat position is attractive and so is the option to fold down the pushchair with the Lux seat in place. Another clever function is the way the straps extend and pull in automatically, so that when you recline or pull up the seat you don’t have to fiddle with straps and buckles – not great when you have a sleeping tot on your hands.  

One of the great features of the Priam is its basket. It has a flap which can be used to extend its capacity. With so many pushchairs let down by their basket size, this is a bonus – especially handy for long shopping trips.  

What We’re Not So Taken With

The weight of the Priam is different according to the different options, but with the Lux seat it comes in at around 12-13kg/26-28lbs. This is not a light pushchair. Also, it’s quite wide (575cms – just the frame) making it awkward to take on public transport or into shops with small aisles. Even storing it in a decent sized boot can be tricky without taking the wheels off.  

The fact that you have to use Priam infant seats can be off-putting for some who want to choose a different or cheaper car seat option (although the Priam car seats are fabulous if you can afford them). Also, the lack of choice makes the travel system an expensive option.  

However, if you’re looking for a beautifully designed and luxurious head turner, Cybex have made a pushchair with some excellent features that will last you throughout your little ones first years.

Get the Cybex Priam here.

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