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Pushchair Guide – Bugaboo Bee5

2017 Pushchair Guide - Bugaboo Bee5

Starting price of £549

Calling all urban adventurers!

When the Bugaboo entered the world in 1994, it took just a few short years to take off spectacularly. By the early 2000s, it was a celeb staple with a growing fan base. Fast forward over 2 decades, there are now five variations on the Bugaboo theme.

Bugaboo Bee5 is the latest edition of what’s known as their ‘urban’ stroller and given the accolade (by Bugaboo themselves) of being “the most comfortable urban stroller that drives like a dream”. So from this we know that, unlike bulkier big brother, Chameleon, the cutesy little Bugaboo Bee is meant for quick stops and hopping on and off transport. Which is marvellous! Because when I owned (and loved) my 2004 edition Chameleon, the word ‘nip’ was nowhere in its vocabulary.

In a world full of choices, that’s exactly what you get with the Bugaboo Bee. There are six seat designs and 11 hood colours, and that’s without delving into wheel, handle and bassinet colours. The opportunities to flaunt your style are endless. You can even customise your bugaboo on their website in much the same way you would a Mercedes! But be warned – you could end up blowing the budget if you get carried away at this stage.

The facts

The Bugaboo has stable back and swivel front wheel for better manoeuvrability. The seat fabric, canopy, wheel caps and grips are all changeable and the fabric parts of the pushchair are washable. It’s 52cms in width and weighs in at 8.9kg/19.6lbs. The under seat basket can carry around 8lbs.

The seat can be parent or world facing. It reclines and extends (seat and headrest), meaning that it grows with your child. The handlebar is also adjustable, with 10 possible positions, ranging from 90-108cms.

2017 Pushchair Guide - Bugaboo Bee5

What’s in the box?

Because of all the options, what’s in the box can largely be up to you. The basic price is £549 and for this you get:

  1. Rain cover
  2. Seat unit
  3. Seat fabric*
  4. Chassis with wheels and under seat basket
  5. Wheel caps*
  6. Grips*
  7. Extendable sun canopy
  8. Wire frame

* available as an accessory (which you need to buy but come in the overall price of £549 upwards)

What’s extra?

There’s plenty to play with and some great additions to make life easier.

  1. Seat liner – £42.95
  2. Cup holder – £16.95
  3. Comfort transport bag – £119.95
  4. Light cotton blanket – £52.95
  5. Baby cocoon light – £79.95
  6. Parasol – £34.95
  7. Breezy sun canopy – £64.95
  8. Foot muff – £94.95
  9. Bag – £89.95
  10. Soft wool blanket – £89.95
  11. Smartphone holder – £24.95
  12. High performance foot muff – £154.95
  13. Wool seat liner – £89.95
  14. Baby cocoon – £79.95
  15. Tray – £34.95
  16. Carrycot base – £100
  17. Carrycot tailored fabric set – £100
  18. Comfort wheeled board – £90
  19. Compact transport bag – £69.95
  20. Storksak & Bugaboo nylon changing bag – £150

Interesting features

  • World facing or parent facing seat
  • Easy one piece, on hand fold system
  • Extendable seat
  • 10 different height options for the handlebar
  • 4-wheel suspension
  • Leather feel, vegan, handlebar
  • Extendable sun canopy for protection against sun, wind and rain with UPF 50+

2017 Pushchair Guide - Bugaboo Bee5


The fact that the Bugaboo Bee is sold as an ‘urban’ stroller means a lot of thought has gone in to its ‘compactness’. You don’t want to be hopping on and off public transport or nipping out in the car with a pushchair that takes an octopus to put together! The great thing about the Bugaboo Bee is that it doesn’t matter which way the seat is facing; you can fold it down without making any other adjustments.

Once you slide down the telescopic handlebar, the seat folds into itself into a neat, compact and portable unit.

What we love

This pushchair is wildly versatile, lightweight and yet a comfortable and stable ride. Bugaboo has really gone to town with the ‘comfort’ factor with the reversible padded and extendable seat and adjustable handlebar.

With independent four-wheel suspension and handy swivel wheels, it has excellent manoeuvrability about town, whilst maintaining its sturdiness.

The upgraded leather (vegan) handlebar is a fab addition and noticeably more comfortable and easier to clean than the original foam. There is plenty of space in the under seat basket and the hood can be extended and offers UPF 50+ protection.

Many pushchairs are a struggle when it comes to buckling up, but the harness on the Bugaboo Bee5 is easy peasy, which make life a lot better when you are dealing with strapping in a cranky struggling child.

The cocoon is a fabulous idea which bypasses the need to buy the bassinet as it can be used for new-borns up.

What we’re not so taken with

The seat on the Bugaboo Bee, although padded, is not very deep, so snuggling down into the seat is a challenge.

Checking on baby whilst on the move without disturbing them is always a bonus, but the canopy doesn’t have any handy windows in the top, meaning you have to stop and walk around the pushchair.

Get the Bugaboo Bee5 here.

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