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Pushchair Guide – Baby Jogger City Mini

2017 Pushchair Guide - Baby Jogger City Mini

Starting price of £299.99

Take control of the city in style!

Since the 1980s, Baby Jogger have made big efforts to make city living with baby an easier experience. Their latest offering, the City Tour, has won lots of accolades as their smallest most lightweight stroller to date.

There are more expensive pushchairs in the range, but the City Mini is lightweight, durable and reasonably priced. According to Baby Jogger; “Its sleek and practical design makes it the perfect choice for traversing the urban jungle”. 

It’s not as ‘pretty’ as some of the other pushchairs on offer, but it has a sleek charm and is great option for both dad and mum. The Baby Jogger looks a sturdy beast and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s not as lightweight as a stroller, but lightweight enough without compromising on its manoeuvrability. Many have been happy with their product for years. Overall the Baby Jogger City Mini exudes practicality.

The Facts

The City Mini is spacious, so plenty of room for your growing child. As the seat is so deep, it’s suitable from birth, which is a bonus over other brands who lumber you with necessity of buying costly bassinets. Adapters, at extra cost, make it possible for you to use it with compatible car seats too.

There is one seat position, world facing and has a large canopy with peek-a- boo windows. It weighs in at 7.6kgs/16.8lbs. The USP of this model is the one hand folding technology.

What’s In The Box?

  1. City Jogger chassis and cover
  2. Wheels

What’s Extra?

Because of its functionality there is a whole array of extras:

  1. Belly Bar – £26.99
  2. Car Seat Adapters – £28.99
  3. Carry Bag – £59.99
  4. Child Tray – £28.99
  5. Compact Carrycot – £139.99
  6. Deluxe Pram – £199.99
  7. Footmuff – £49.99
  8. Glider Board – £69.99
  9. Liquid Holster – £22.99
  10. Parent Console – £34.99
  11. Plush Handmuff – £32.99
  12. Raincover – £24.99/£28.99

Interesting Features

  • Comfort for babies and toddlers of all ages
  • Large canopy
  • One hand folding technology
  • Large seat that reclines almost flat


Folding is the best thing about the Baby Jogger City Mini. As the pushchair can be used from birth it’s a particularly good feature for mums who have just given birth. Literally you can hold baby in one arm and fold the pushchair with the other, using the strap located in the seat. If you are struggling with postnatal issues, this is priceless as it involves minimal bending and effort!

2017 Pushchair Guide - Baby Jogger City Mini

What We Love

The 8” front wheel can be locked or swivel depending on the terrain. This is great for casual strolls or if you’re the kind of family who likes to go off-road for good, long family walks. The front wheel suspension makes pushing the chair a breeze. For something with considerable build, you can push the City Mini with one hand.

The hood offers multi positions to provide different options depending on the weather. In bright sunshine the canopy stretches out to almost cover your little one (depending on their size) and has SPF factor 50+. In addition, it has 2 well place ‘peek-a- boo’ windows, so you can check on baby without stopping your journey.

The large, comfy seat reclines almost flat – great for snoozing! The spaciousness means that this is a pushchair that will accommodate your child easily as he grows. When reclined there are options to lift the back cover to allow cool airflow in hot weather. Or use the cover to protect your little one from the chill, which is also vented.

Obviously the ‘quick fold technology’ system, as mentioned above, makes this pushchair easy to take in and out the car and on transport.

What We’re Not So Taken With

The City Mini doesn’t have many customisation options, so you’re limited to the standard design. In addition, it can look bulky and a little unsightly with the car seat attached (by way of the car seat adapters).

Just having the one seat position (world facing) is a disadvantage when you consider that the City Mini is for birth upwards. Although the ‘peek-a- boo’ windows allow you to keep an eye on baby regardless, some babies will be more comfortable keeping an eye on mum when they are out and about. The seat doesn’t sit bolt upright either, which can be an issue for cranky toddlers! The footrest is not adjustable, so until your child gets significantly bigger there is no option for them to rest their feet on anything, although the design of the pushchair does support legs (so they’re not just dangling).

The handle isn’t adjustable (although this has been addressed with the GT model) which can cause discomfort depending on your height. The leg rest is not extendable and so isn’t of use until your child gets bigger.

The brake is pretty stiff and not good on the toes if wearing flip flops and the harness can be a struggle as it comes apart easily. Not great if you have a determined infant on your hands.

Some practical additions, such as the rain cover, come as extras. It would be nice if more came as part of the package.

Get the Baby Jogger City Mini here.

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