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The Top 5 Baby Names For Girls In 2013


You know the trends but what should you pick? If you want to give a nod to the fashions of your time, but still name your princess something a little bit different, have a look at our Top 5 Baby Names for Girls you may not have thought of in 2013…

1. Vintage name: Iris
One of the less frequently chosen vintage names that appeared in the top 100 names last year, Iris is a classic. Of Greek origin, it means rainbow. It is also the name of a beautiful purple flower and the part of the human eye responsible for eye colour. If that wasn’t enough, it is of course the name of a woman widely considered to be one of the greatest British writers of the 20th century – Iris Murdoch.

2. Royal Name: Arabella
We like this name at Private Pregnancy UK. Granted, although we don’t tend to associate it with royals now, it is a name that has been favoured by English nobles in centuries past.

Arabella, meaning a beautiful altar, did not appear in the most popular 100 names last year, so it’s something a little bit different. But at the same time, it is close to the popular ‘Bella’, which fell into the top 100 in 2012. It also sounds similar to the extremely current ‘Isabella’, and falls into the contemporary trend of female names ending in ‘a’ – but still retains a distinctive feel.

3. Olympic Name: Anna
A Latin form of the Greek name Avva, Anna means grace; favour. And what greater representation of these attributes than Gold Medal winning Anna Watkins, who rowed her way to victory in 2012’s London Olympics?

Since so many people will be calling their girls Jessica, after the heptathlon champion that has received so much publicity, we wanted to suggest an alternative for any Olympics-loving parents-to-be who want something a little less frequently heard.

We think Anna is a strong, proud and pretty name. It fits in with the current ‘a’ ending trend for girls names in the UK, but it’s not too popular (at least not the moment!). Whilst Jessica came 8th in popularity for UK girls’ names last year, Anna was 42nd.

4. Family Names for given names: Darcey
Famous in the British popular imagination for Mr Darcy in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and more recently for the Mark Darcy character in the Bridget Jones’ Diary series, Darcey is most popular as a surname. However, recently Darcey has been gaining ground as a first name, climbing to number 51 in 2012’s most popular list for girls.

Meaning ‘dark’, it’s less American-sounding than some of the other surname-first name alternatives, such as Taylor or Madison. Also popular as a surname in France, we think Darcey has a simple, sweet, European appeal for a girl.

5. Biblical name: Neriah
When it comes to biblical names, there is a wealth to choose from – many of which you may not even know appear in the ‘good book’, for example Naomi or Claudia. There are the timeless classics that never completely go out of fashion, such as Eva and Angela, but we wanted to present something a little bit unusual.

Neriah – Light, lamp of the Lord is much more Hebrew-sounding than some of the other names on offer, and so perhaps could find a place next to more exotic biblical boys’ names growing in popularity at the moment, such as Isaac and Noah. Neriah is pretty and unusual but the fact that it sounds similar to ‘Mariah’ is probably helpful in making it an uncontroversial choice on the playground.


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