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The Top 5 Baby Names For Boys In 2013


You know the Top 5 Trends for UK baby names in 2013 but what should you go with? If you want to be inspired by contemporary culture without picking something everyone’s been choosing read our Top 5 Baby Names for Boys for inspiration!

1. Vintage name: Franklin
A name strongly associated with proud American statesmen, from founding father Benjamin Franklin, to celebrated president Franklin Roosevelt, the name Franklin is actually a historic English name. It originates from Middle English and means ‘free man’.

We think Franklin is a proud, strong moniker to give your son. Franklin itself did not appear in 2012’s 100 most popular names list. Even though its nickname equivalent ‘Frankie’ did, it only appeared at number 99, making Franklin a distinctive choice.

2. Royal name: Richard
‘A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse…’ While many others are naming their boys William or Harry in the midst of current speculation about the royal baby, how about choosing a name that commemorates the momentous unearthing of a piece of British history?


Last year, an archaeological excavation in Leicester uncovered the remains of Richard III after more than five centuries. He was the last English king to be killed in battle.

We predict the name Richard is likely to rise in popularity this year, given all the publicity surrounding the discovery. However, despite its status as a classic name, last year ‘Richard’ didn’t make the list of the 100 most popular names in Britain. So hopefully, you should be safe if you’re worried about everyone having the same name as your son. And given that the name means ‘powerful leader’, it’s a good choice if you’ve got high hopes for your little man.

3. Olympic Name: Scott
If you want to celebrate the Olympics with something a little bit different, then how about ‘Scott’? Originating in Middle English, the name means ‘painted warrior’. If you like horses ‘Scott’ could be a winner too, as Scott Brash was part of the Olympic equestrian team that got the gold for Great Britain.

The name didn’t appear in the top 100 choices last year either, meaning hopefully your son won’t have to compete too much with his classmates for recognition.

4. Family Names for Given Names: Anderson
The most popular choices in this trend thus far have been Cameron, Harvey and Harley, so we think Anderson could be a nice alternative in 2013. Obviously most often used as a surname, Anderson as a baby name has Norse origins, meaning manly; brave. Plus, given the advice to parents-to-be to always consider what a name will probably be shortened to, Anderson is a great choice. It can be shortened either to Andy or Sonny. Happy days!

5. Biblical names: Levi
More commonly heard in the US, the name Levi is fairly rare in the UK. It means ‘joined in harmony’; suggesting boys called Levi may be amiable and friendly. It’s also a way to give your child a biblical name whilst also giving a nod to the recent trend for more American, or perhaps even ‘rock and roll’ sounding names.


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