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The Top 5 Trends For Baby Names In 2013


Have you settled on a name yet? Choosing a name for your baby is a big decision. In fact, it’s often the first major choice you make on your little one’s behalf.

The truth is we’re all influenced by what’s going on around us. For example the name ‘Isabella’ has shot up in popularity with the rise of the hit Twilight series and celebrity baby names have always held a bit of sway.

Whether you’re an aspiring trendsetter, or a dedicated follower of fashion, it pays to know what other mums are thinking. You’ll then be better able to see how the names you are considering for your baby may fit into the world around them.

We’ve looked at past figures, current fashions and contemporary culture to present you with Private Pregnancy UK’s Top 5 Trends for UK Baby Names in 2013…

1. Vintage Names are all the rage

Whether it’s gorgeous George or adorable Ava, vintage names are back! In 2012, these ‘classic names’ all made the boys and girls top 20:

Girls – Amelia, Lily, Ava, Olivia, Charlotte, Grace and Evie and boys – Harry, Oliver, George, Max, Alfie and Oscar.


When this resurgence of traditional names first began, couples wanted to opt for ‘something a bit different’, or were naming their little one after a favourite grandparent, but vintage fever caught on and shows no sign of stopping in 2013.

By the time your bundle of joy is in school, there will be many other kids with the same sort of names around. The more conventional names in the 2012 top 20 that never went out of fashion include Jack, Thomas and Daniel.

The advantage of a vintage name is that it’ll be classic, however if you’re looking for a ‘statement’ name, you may have to think a little more carefully.

2. Royal Fashion

2011 saw the Royal Wedding, 2012 was our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and with 2013 ushering in a royal baby, regal fever looks set to surge further!

Since 2011, the names ‘Kate’ and ‘William’ have catapulted in popularity. And now that the Duke and Duchess are expecting a baby, a lot of us are already speculating on what it might be called. Many are betting on ‘Diana’ or ‘Elizabeth’ for a girl (with the latter a favourite). William, Philip and Edward are among the predictions for boys.

In the run up to the birth, these historic names are likely to keep rising in popularity. Even though they are not all English names originally, they are strong and have a powerful connection to British heritage. And in the midst of Royal and Olympian fever, our sense of ‘Britishness’ is riding high. One thing is certain – the name that is chosen will skyrocket in popularity.

3. Olympic Inspiration

After Great Britain’s fantastic performance in the 2012 Olympics, names like Jessica and Louis entered the Top 20 and Top 100 most popular lists. Experts predict their numbers will rise even further this year, given that many baby names would have already been decided on before the Olympic victories last year.

Does this mean we will be seeing a surge of Usains in nurseries in years to come? Watch this space…

4. Family Names for Given Names

In the last few years, there has been a huge increase in the amount of first names that have traditionally been surnames, especially for boys. Some girls are being given names like Madison and Darcey, while boys are being called Harley, Riley, Mason, Cameron, Blake, or Harvey.


It will come as no surprise to you to learn that this trend has been more popular across the pond for a while now, as many of these names have an ‘American-sounding’ feel to them, with Logan, Tyler and Jenson being some of the most obvious examples.

Here at Private Pregnancy UK we quite like this trend. The names sound different and sort of bold. And the good news is that they are not (at least not yet) too common, if you’re looking for something a little individual-sounding.

5. Biblical names

Many biblical names, like Sarah or Adam, never really go out of fashion. But lately some of the more exotic, classic or Hebrew-sounding names have been making a comeback, for example Martha, Rebecca and Leah for girls, and Jacob, Mo (Moses), Noah or Isaac for boys.

Biblical names have strong meanings and could be a great choice for your baby, whether you’re looking for something timelessly popular, or more distinctive.

Still deciding? Now you know the top trends, have a look at our suggestions for stylish, less-obvious names from among these fashions, our Top 5 UK Baby Names for Boys and Girls in 2013.

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