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2012’s Top Pushchair for New Design

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s nice to buy an especially clever product isn’t it? Especially if Dad has anything to do with it! This pick has all the benefits of a great pushchair with just that added bit of va-va-voom to boot.

So what have we chosen?
The new Chicco iMove.

Chicco iMove Stroller

Who is it for?
Busy parents who like just a touch of chic, sleek design.

In a nutshell:
The most striking thing about the iMove is an innovative swivel system, meaning you can turn the whole seat unit and handle to change to having your baby facing away from you or towards you. Simply press two handlebar levers and tap a foot button and presto! A neat little trick.

But of course, there’s more. Because the entire seat spins, your front wheels will always stay at the front, a feature which aids good steering. On the other hand, you can switch to having fixed large wheels at the front, which could be useful for traversing rough terrain.

Other benefits of this model include a hand-activated brake, a five-point safety harness, a zip-up shopping basket, an adjustable leg rest and handlebar, and lockable front wheels.

The seat reclines incredibly easily and can be adjusted with one hand – good news for multi-taskers! It reclines in a total of three possible positions and including flat, so it’s suitable for newborns with no added accessories.

What does it cost?
£499 – with an extra £169 if you want the iMove car seat. The pushchair can be used from birth, but if you want you can purchase the iMove Carrycot for £199 too.

Chicco iMove Autofix Car Seat

Chicco iMove Carrycot

Any drawbacks?
It can be a bit tricky to fold, so you’ll need to spend a few minutes getting the knack of it after purchasing. It can be folded with the seat still attached, but really it is easier to take the seat off first.

Where can I find it?
View the Chicco iMove Pushchair at Kiddies Kingdom

Prices correct at time of publishing, September 2012.