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2012’s Top Duo Pushchair

If you’re expecting twins, or have two little bundles of joy, you’ll want to be sure you find the transport system – after all, looking after two babies at the same time can be stressful enough.

We’ve scoured the shops and searched the sites, all to find you a number one pushchair to take even just a tiny bit of that pressure off…

So what have we chosen?
Bebecar One & Two

Bebecar One & Two - Single or Twin Pram

Who is it for?
Parents of two little tots

In a nutshell:
With the innovative One & Two from Bebecar, you can change from a single pushchair to a double for twins or different aged little ones – all with a simple adaptor click. Genius.

When the adaptor is clicked onto the chassis you’ve a surprising number of options. It can accommodate two compatible car seats or two reclining seat-units. Either way, the seats can face in either direction – so both babies can be facing you, facing the world outside, or even facing each other…sweet.

The Bebecar One & Two can also accommodate a single carrycot with either a car seat or seat unit – but the carrycot can only face you (an option many mums tend to choose anyway). And if you don’t need the second seat any more, the attachment can be simply removed and the pushchair becomes a single again.

You can purchase the carrycot if you want, but both seat units recline fully and are suitable for newborns. The fabric can also be pulled over the bumper bar, creating a cosy, carry-cot feel.

The handlebar is adjustable and the rear brake can easily be clicked on and off, there’s also a decent-sized shopping basket. The seat units are easily removed and they fold, which is very handy for saving space.

What does it cost?
Around £800

Any drawbacks?
The pushchair is somewhat long, meaning you’ll need to be mindful of what may be in front of you, however, it turns effectively and is incredibly user-friendly.

Where can I find it?
View the Bebecar One & Two Pushchair at Kiddicare

Prices correct at time of publishing, September 2012.