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The Top 5 Pushchairs For 2012

It’s getting close… the time to buy a pushchair is nearly upon you. If you’re a first-time parent, trying to choose a decent transport system for your little one can seem a bit daunting to say the least.

The Top 5 Pushchairs For 2012

Choosing the right pushchair means factoring in a range of considerations – for example where you live, what different kinds of terrain you will be using it on, whether or not you’ll use public transport regularly (as many Londoners do) and not least, if we’re all honest about it, the question of whether it looks nice…

Of course you’ll want to choose one with the right back support and ideally one that you can use beyond the 6 month mark – something that can change as your baby grows.

Well, we’ve done our research, sifted through the jargon and the marketing waffle and emerged to bring you our independent list of 2012’s Top 5 Pushchairs, making the task that little bit easier. Happy shopping…

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