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The Top 5 Christmas Presents For Baby Girls For 2012

It can be a challenge finding presents for little ones. Many toys are only suitable for babies over six months or a year, so you can be limited to buying more practical items like clothing or bibs. You’re probably busy, tired and juggling all manner of Christmas preparations

We know you’ll want to make your little girls first Christmas special, so to make life a little easier check out our pick of the Top 5 Gifts for you baby girl this Christmas…

1. Ann Claire Petit Music Toy

This designer, crochet toadstool is super soft and made from 100% organic cotton. Pull the cord to hear it play music, gorgeous for girls and totally safe for newborns. Unique and handmade, we love this high quality range.

Available online at Yoox.

2. Sophie The Giraffe

This soft, squidgy toy is rated highly by mums and little ones alike. Treat baby to a gift set that includes all the essentials: a bonnet and slippers (sized appropriately for a newborn), a large blanket, comforter with dummy and bib, and of course, the original Sophie. All fabric is 100%, organic cotton.

Available from John Lewis.

3. First Curl Box

This sterling silver box will remind you to cherish your baby’s first curl, a special memento to store during the first Christmas. Your little girl will be sure to use this box in years to come.

Available at John Lewis.

4. Baby’s First Rhymes Book

This book comes with a 15 minute CD so you can remind yourself of the classic nursery rhymes and have fun teaching your little one.

From Marks and Spencer.

5. Ewan® The Dreamsheep

This toy is designed to help establish a healthy sleep pattern, mimicking sensations of the womb. Ewan can be placed in baby’s cot or attached to the bars. He has four soothing sounds and a warm glowing light. Ideal for a newborn, soft and very cute!

Available from Boots.

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