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The Top 5 Best Gift Ideas for One-Year-Olds

Babyhood may be behind us, but the toddler years will be full of surprises. In the coming months, your little one will seek more independence, display his sense of humour, and best of all – start talking!

It’s important to have the right toys that will stimulate his growing mind, all the while captivating his imagination. So where do we even begin to shop? We’ve talked to Mum’s, Nanny’s and Experts alike to find out the very best options when it comes to toys for your one-year-old.

1. Sophie La Girafe

Sophie La Girafe

Gift idea: Shape Sorter

Why your toddler will love it: Sorting shapes is important for trial and error developmental skills.

Why experts love it: Toddlers learn to work on hand-eye coordination and how things go together.

Our pick: This classic wooden shape sorter is perfect for problem solving and features a familiar face. When playtime is done, all of the shapes fit neatly inside the box – and you just can’t beat that!

Available online at Mothercare.

2. ELC Jungle Beats Percussion Set

ELC Jungle Beats Percussion Set

Gift Idea: Musical Instruments

Why your toddler will love it: Every one-year-old’s favourite hobby is making noise.

Why experts love it: Instruments are a wonderful tool to learn about cause and effect, whilst developing hand-eye coordination.

Our pick: This adorable animal toy instrumental set includes four different instruments allowing your toddler’s creativity to run wild while developing listening skills.

Available online at Mothercare.

3. VTech Baby’s First Smartphone

VTech Baby’s First Smartphone

Gift Idea: Toy Phone

Why your toddler will love it: Chances are, your little one is already imitating you chatting on the phone – so for the sake of your iPhone screen, give them their own.

Why experts love it: Toy phones are fabulous for encouraging language development.

Our pick: This cute smartphone looks just like Mum and Dad’s – and will no doubt get your toddler talking away. The cool sliding screen changes modes and features sing-along songs and messages.

Available online at Amazon.

4. Infantino Squeeze Stack Soft Blocks

Infantino Squeeze Stack Soft Blocks

Gift idea: Blocks

Why your toddler will love it: The ultimate for creative minds, blocks offer endless opportunity for exploration.

Why experts love it: While your toddler might initially just bang these blocks together, they’ll eventually learn to build with them – so this toy will grow with your child for years.

Our pick: These soft and chunky blocks are easy for little hands to hold and come in a variety of colours to let the imagination run wild.

Available online at Amazon.

5. Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon

Gift idea: Board Book

Why your toddler will love it: It may be a while before your little one is reading on his own, but for now he’ll love a book with thick pages.

Why experts love it: Difficult to destroy and perfect for special time with Mum and Dad, it’s important to learn that the squiggles on the page carry a meaning.

Our pick: A beautiful story which has put generations of children to sleep – this is the perfect book to share at bedtime.

Available online at Amazon.

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