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The Top 5 Baby Food Brands For 2013

Weaning can be a confusing and emotional time for parents. If you’re introducing first foods to your little one, you’ll want to be sure the brands you choose are trustworthy, and that the products are healthy and nutritious.

Weaning baby can be a confusing and emotional time

While home cooked baby food allows parents to avoid any unwanted additives, shop bought baby food is incredibly convenient as a readily prepared alternative.

Here’s our selection of the top brands for baby food…

1. Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen

This is a fantastic brand that comes out top for us. They produce 100% organic and nutritious food in handy pouches, which are widely available across the UK and internationally too.

Very popular with mums, Ella’s Kitchen has won numerous awards and of all the brands available, is most creative with flavour combinations. You can also become a friend of Ella’s Kitchen to receive special offers and money off coupons.

Available from Boots, Waitrose and Ocado.

2. Plum Baby Organic

Plum Baby Organic

Another great brand that’s had positive reviews from real mums, this company was founded by former chef, Susie Willis.

Plum Baby Organic includes options with wholesome grains such as quinoa, which has exceptionally high protein content. Quinoa is also high in fibre and naturally glutten-free, making it easier for babies to digest. Plum have also produced a free downloadable guide for mums: The Weaning of Life.

Stage 1 pouches are available from major retailers including Boots, Waitrose and Ocado.

3. Peter Rabbit Organics

Peter Rabbit Organics

Although there are just two flavours to choose from (peach and apricot or apple), these fruit purees are high quality and organic. Designed for babies six months and upwards, Peter Rabbit Organics also produce juice drinks that are gentle on little tummies.

Available from Waitrose, Boots and Ocado.

4. Goo Goo Gourmet

Goo Goo Gourmet

Providing a great solutions for busy mums, a food delivery service for babies that are weaning.

For those that want their little one to enjoy homemade food but simply don’t have the time to prepare meals (or perhaps aren’t naturally very good in the kitchen!) Goo Goo Gourmet provides an answer.

Available online. Currently delivery is only available to those within London’s M25 area.

5. Organix


Established in 1992, Organix uses only organic, natural ingredients. It’s another great brand that’s trusted by mums and founder Lizzie Vann has even been awarded an MBE for services to the organic food industry.

For weaning babies, they produce cereals (including baby rice and porridge,) fruit and savoury pouches.

Available to buy from the Organix website and Boots.

Some important things to remember

You must always provide baby with a consistency that’s easy to digest and never add salt, sugar or honey to baby’s food. Before six months baby’s digestive system is not developed enough to cope with solids.

If you’ve been breastfeeding try introducing formula as a way to bridge the gap between new pureed foods and breast milk. Baby Rice mixed with breast milk, formula or water is a good transition food, also continue to breastfeed if you can.

You’ll find that root vegetables make a great basis for first foods as babies favour the sweet taste of them, for instance carrot, swede, parsnip and sweet potato.

Root vegetables make a great basis for first foods

Fruits like banana, apples and pears go down well too, although apples and pears will need cooking to soften.

Finally, be mindful of food allergies, which are all too common in babies and young children. Milk, eggs and peanuts are usually the main culprits.

Keep your little ones healthy!

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