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Sustainable Baby Clothes – Lindex 2019

There’s been a lot of focus in the news and on social media recently about the effect we are having on the environment – and rightly so. We want to live on this beautiful earth for a long time to come and so we should be taking care of it in any way possible.

There has been a definite shift in recent years towards sustainable living. Sustainability comes in many different forms, from reducing plastic usage and growing your own vegetables to recycling more. If you’re looking to reduce your footprint and help take care of the planet, then you’ll adore the latest sustainable baby clothes from Lindex.

Lindex Giveaway

Swedish company, Lindex, produces eco friendly, contemporary clothing brand for you and your little one(s) with a big focus on sustainable fashion. The brand is on a mission to reduce its impact on the planet, and its latest baby clothes collection is all about this; it’s designed to be kind to both the planet, and your baby’s skin!

When you’ve got a little one (or more than one!) it can feel like your washing machine is on non-stop, but this constant washing and drying can really affect how long clothing lasts. Lindex makes longevity and quality a priority, so garments will stand the test of time – and the washing machine!

Only organic cotton is used in Lindex baby clothes, and all cotton garments are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. GOTS is the leading global textile processing standard, which means that the whole supply chain – from manufacturing, through to packaging, labelling and distribution – meets a high level of quality assurance and compliance for environmental criteria and social responsibility. Where Lindex baby garments aren’t made from cotton they are made using recycled fabrics!

We’ve handpicked five of our favourite garments from Lindex’s latest sustainable baby clothes collection that we think you’ll love just as much as we do (trust us when we say choosing just five was tricky!).

Sustainable Baby Clothes – Lindex Bodysuit With Fruit Trees

Bodysuit With Fruit Trees

Sustainable Baby Clothes – Lindex Jersey Cap With Ears

Jersey Cap With Ears

Sustainable Baby Clothes – Lindex Moss Knit Cardigan

Moss Knit Cardigan

Sustainable Baby Clothes – Lindex Patterned Long Sleeve Top

Patterned Long Sleeve Top

Sustainable Baby Clothes – Lindex Patterned Rain Jacket

Patterned Rain Jacket

To view all sustainable baby and kids clothes by Lindex, visit their website.

Make a difference to your little one’s future environment.

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