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Staff Picks: March 2014

Here are the products we recommend this month. Click on the product image for purchase options.

Tommee Tippee Disposal

This simple, yet carefully designed nappy disposal twists and seals away each nappy to lock in those less than desirable smells, germs and mess. The system works with a one-size-fits-all cassette that kills 99.9% of germs and is scientifically proven to be more effective at odour killing than nappy sacks. Not to mention emptying it couldn’t be easier. Simply pop off the top, unlock the bag and bin it! Poo be gone!

Easidream Ewan The Dream Sheep

This adorable and friendly sheep is the perfect toy to help settle your restless baby or toddler into the angelic slumber we all hope for. Ewan can be attached securely to cot bars or can be sat right inside. He lovingly plays real heartbeat and womb sounds to comfort your little one while transitioning from womb to world. Better still, Ewan can grow with your baby by playing soothing white noise combinations suitable for your child well into pre-school years. Yes, please!

Kub Haywood Glider & Stool

There is nothing quite as special as quality alone time spent with your baby – and what better way to spend it than in this simple but ideal glider? With its cream colour and silently smooth gliding motion, the design ensures optimum comfort without sacrificing impeccable design. Handy side pockets keep baby essentials all at arms reach and ergonomic cushions promote good posture for Mum.

Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot

Your summer party holidays in Ibiza might seem like a distant memory, but now it’s time for baby’s first holiday! This award-winning cot is lightweight and compact with a central locking system that ensures full safety for your precious little one. Just as useful abroad as it is at your neighbour’s for a cuppa – this cot comes with a comfy mattress and easy to use carrying bag as well!

Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind

In the summer, when the evenings and mornings are really light, it can be tricky to create that prefect sleepy environment for your baby. However, this easy and portable suction cup system blackout blind enables you to blackout any room, wherever you might be. At home, on holiday, or at the grandparents, this handy blind adapts to your particular window and packs into a travel bag. (Parents, feel free to catch up on some sleep as well!)

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