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My Beehive – Holding Your Hand Through Your IVF Treatment

IVF Treatment

For some people, getting pregnant is the easiest, most natural thing in the world. For others the journey is more difficult. It’s unfortunate and so often true that we feel panicked and somehow lacking when we aren’t able to conceive at the drop of the hat. Maybe these feelings are steeped in history or yet another example of women feeling pressure to conceive quickly and problem free. The fact is, getting pregnant can be more difficult than it appears. Around one in seven couples may have difficulty conceiving. This is approximately 3.5 million people in the UK.1

Fertility issues affect the body and the mind. The feeling of losing control physically during infertility issues and IVF treatment is difficult in itself, but being overwhelmed mentally, feeling uncertain and alone, can be just as devastating. And whilst there is plenty of help available medically to investigate or treat the physical issues, how do you deal with the emotional fallout when things get tough? Who can you talk to? Where can you go to get advice, support, or an understanding ear?

My Beehive is the brainchild of Saskia Boujo. Saskia has an inspirational IVF story, and knows well the heartache behind the struggle to have a baby. Having been taught at school how easy it was to get pregnant, it was a heavy blow when she discovered later that this was not the case for her. Feeling sad, confused, inadequate, even guilty when IVF failed, Saskia realised that, although emotional support for women with fertility issues is available, it’s disjointed, lacking, not cohesive. Some of it is not even helpful or accurate (our friend the internet can be a blessing and a curse).

After two successive failed IVF attempts, Saskia threw herself into making sure the next round worked. And it did! She has two beautiful children to show for her courageous persistence. In addition to this, her experiences highlighted a desperate need for an IVF support service to work alongside the medical treatment on offer. And so, My Beehive was born …

When it came to setting up My Beehive, Saskia’s asked herself one question:

“What would I want to know if I was to go through this again?”

Her answer, My Beehive, addresses this and provides support for women and men going through fertility struggles. It’s a holistic service that complements perfectly the invasive medical side of treatment by focussing on the whole picture; mind body and soul. There’s so much to say about My Beehive that this in itself is testament to how much information and practical/emotional support is offered through the website,

Supporting Couples Trying To Conceive

My Beehive is a comprehensive website dedicated to supporting couples trying to conceive. It brings all kinds of useful information together in one hub of knowledge. If you are trying to get pregnant, going through IVF, or have recently suffered a loss, My Beehive is there at every stage to make sure you are emotionally supported and better equipped to succeed.

Private Pregnancy UK can recommend a number of top fertility clinics both in the UK and abroad, to support you with your diagnosis and help realise your dream of having a baby. We also have useful articles, including “IVF Success Rates in The UK”. Please take time to browse through the information and your available options.

Saskia likes to think of My Beehive as a service that ‘holds your hand’. So while the medics, and clinics help you cross the road (from not being able to have a baby to becoming pregnant), My Beehive is there with the human touch. My Beehive provides a holistic approach to fertility with advice on nutrition, injections and keeping calm as well as resources such as fertility calendars and a guide to the difficult two week wait. The service covers every aspect of the human side of fertility.

How does it work?

  1. Website

    The My Beehive website is a treasure trove of reliable information. If you are feeling confused and not sure where to turn, there are plenty of reliable articles, personal stories and links to other organisations that can help. There is also a comprehensive checklist to keep you on track for successful conception – how to look after your body, when to have sex and when you should get medical advice if things don’t go to plan.

  2. Full IVF Support Service

    In addition to the website, for a small subscription of £50 per cycle, My Beehive offers a full IVF support service. It’s an email based, personalised service to help you through the treatment journey and is set at your own individual pace. Included is an IVF calendar to keep track of appointments, a guide to the two week wait, meal planners with recipes for a pre IVF cleanse and a practical guide to injections. My Beehive emails focus on how to look after yourself, what teas to drink to help flush through your system after egg collection and how to prepare yourself for embryo transfer. More importantly there are motivational posts to keep your spirits lifted throughout. This kind of continued contact and support, as and when you need it, is priceless when going through what can be one of the most traumatic times of your life.

    The purpose of the service is to make sure that instead of feeling alone or searching for information, you have a reliable, trusted source of support. Whether your treatment is successful or not, My Beehive eases you through the process, giving you back some control and making sure you feel supported in your own time.

  3. Care Packs

    Caring comes in many forms. For both natural conception and IVF, My Beehive have brought together essential products in a beautifully crafted care pack to help prepare for successful conception. Ethically sourced vitamins, herbal teas, care guides and more. They are a perfect pick me up and also make a great gift.

Support Throughout Your Fertility Treatment

The overriding attraction of My Beehive is the fact that it has been set up by someone who knows exactly how you feel. As well as founding My Beehive, Saskia is a member of the Women’s Voices Panel at the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists and is a support group volunteer at Fertility Network UK. She has her finger on the pulse of everything relating to fertility issues. She understands the desire for compassion and the need for clear, well timed, accurate advice and emotional support. My Beehive is a wonderful service born from a genuine wish to help others through difficult times. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone who understands how powerful information and support can be for a successful conception.



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