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2017 Mummy Makeover – Is It Right For You?

2017 Mummy Makeover – Is It Right For You?

Let’s face it; there’s not much ‘yummy’ in ‘mummy’ during the first few weeks and months of having a new baby. Recovering from natural or surgical birth takes time and patience. But recovery always seems easier for mums in the public eye (we’re looking at you Kim Kardashian).

They seem to snap back into shape much quicker than the rest of us. This kind of makes sense. After all there’s no better incentive to look good than having a red carpet event looming, your face splashed across the media daily or having people hang off your every word (surely it’s the same psychological factor we see in action when people eat witchetty grubs on I’m a Celeb!). The pressure to appear superhuman in these spheres (ok – the ego) dictates it.

But getting back into shape is so important for many new mums and calling it vanity is too simple a label. There’s so much gained when having a new baby; it’s an education – an incredible uplifting, emotionally fulfilling experience. But there’s also a sense of loss. There’s no time left for ‘me’. For many there’s the worry that we will never find ‘me’ again. Our independence, our identity; all the things about us that we liked that we lose track of (rightly so) about a millisecond after giving birth.

So it’s no wonder that increasing numbers of women are looking to surgery to reclaim their bodies after childbirth. The ‘Mummy Makeover’ is on the rise…1

Post Birth Recovery?
Pregnancy and birth affects every woman differently, and each pregnancy a woman has affects her differently than the ones before or after. Some are genetically predisposed to faster recovery, physically and mentally, than others. It’s not just as easy as ‘losing baby weight’, a lot of women are left with the physical signs of childbirth. In terms of body image, this usually means scarring, sagging skin around the breast and abdominal area and pockets of stubborn fat. It’s always advisable to follow a good balanced diet in the months after birth for both mum and baby (especially if you are breastfeeding). Exercise is a must – but start out gently and work up to heavier cardio sessions and weights when you feel ready and able.

If (and that’s IF) you still don’t feel happy with your body image after a period of time and recuperation, then it might be the right point to start thinking about how cosmetic surgery could help you look your best.

What Is A Mummy Makeover?
A Mummy Makeover typically addresses the areas of the body that have undergone physical changes due to the exertion of pregnancy and childbirth. These surgeries and procedures could include some or all of the below:

Breast surgery (reshaping, lift, augmentation, reduction). There’s no doubt that stretched skin during pregnancy and breastfeeding take their toll on the breast. Lots of women complain that their breasts are sagging or shrunken after childbirth. A breast lift will reposition the nipple and tighten the skin to give a more youthful look. Breast implants (augmentation) can help to address a lack of breast volume caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breast reduction can help if your breasts have become enlarged after childbirth.

  • Tummy tuck – to remove excess skin and tighten weakened stomach muscles. For some women the ligaments that stretch during pregnancy never snap back into place. A tummy tuck removes fat and tightens muscles around the whole abdominal area.
  • Stretch marks – lasers and micro-needling to remove or reduce visible signs.
  • Liposuction – to remove stubborn fat stores (but only after weight loss).
  • Botox/facial fillers – can work wonders to conceal sleepless nights and the stresses of being a new mum.
  • Vaginoplasty/labiaplasty – tightening the vaginal area to address vaginal issues as a result of natural births, tears and episiotomies.

Paul Tulley“Many women have spent time eating well and exercising after having a baby but feel that there are some changes to their bodies that need surgical intervention,” explains Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Paul Tulley from The Clarence Clinic. “I always advise mums to wait about a year for the body to recover from the physical demands and changes of pregnancy and childbirth. Cosmetic intervention can do wonders for the confidence of mums and I would recommend it to anyone who feels they would benefit psychologically and physically by having a procedure to enhance their physical appearance.”

Is A Mummy Makeover Right For Me?
Experienced and well regarded plastic surgeons will recommend that you wait to act on any decision to have cosmetic surgery for at least a year (although procedures to treat stretch marks are often better sooner rather than later) to allow your body to fully recover from the effects of pregnancy and birth. There are some other instances where you should delay a procedure:

  • If you plan to have more children.
  • If there are medical reasons that surgery is not right for you.
  • If you have a lot of excess weight you have not addressed.

Otherwise if you have thought about it, researched and talked it through with friends and family, there is no doubt that cosmetic procedures can bring many benefits. Life is easier as a mum, and in general, when you feel happy and confident about yourself. However, it’s also important to have realistic expectations for any form of cosmetic surgery. The aging process and childbirth will naturally change the shape and functioning of your body, so trying to reverse these changes completely may not be an achievable goal. Looking after yourself, and enjoying motherhood are equally as important.



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