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Mother Ordered To Vaccinate Child By High Court Judge

Mother Ordered To Vaccinate Child By High Court Judge

A High Court judge has ruled that a woman must vaccinate her two sons even though it goes against her vegan beliefs and lifestyle. Judge Mark Rogers decided that it is not in the children’s best interest to be left unvaccinated after their father brought the court action.

The boys’ mother argued that there are no vegan vaccines and that the medical profession is overly protective about criticizing the potential dangers of vaccinations in their current forms. She stated also that her sons’ health and immunity has benefitted from following a vegan diet, and that exposing them to chemical, laboratory grown and potentially harmful elements, such as those found in standard vaccines, was against her motherly instinct to keep her sons as free from toxins as possible.

Judge Rogers was aware that his ruling would be upsetting for the mother, but argued that he believed she had lost sight of being able to look at the situation “objectively” or “even-handedly”.

The children will now receive vaccinations, including those for measles and meningitis.

Vaccination rates in the UK continue to decline marginally year on year 1. It is understandable that parents feel nervous about the vaccination process, but the benefits are doubtless. In Syria, the collapse of the childhood vaccination programme because of the war has already had devastating effects. In 2014, 36 children across five provinces were left paralysed through Polio (a disease which had been eradicated for 15 years) 2.

And in the UK:

In 1940, there were more than 60,000 cases and 3,283 deaths from diphtheria …by 2002, vaccination had almost eliminated it – there were just two deaths from diphtheria between 1986 and 2002.



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