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Miracle babies? Woman Expecting Twins After ‘Menopause Reversal Treatment’

Miracle babies? Woman Expecting Twins After ‘Menopause Reversal Treatment’

“Doctors had already told me I was a lost cause. But then a miracle followed”

In Greece, a woman is expecting twins after receiving an experimental new treatment claiming to ‘reverse the menopause’.

Identified only as Natalia, the 40 year old lawyer explained to The Times that she had undergone six failed rounds of hormone therapy. Diagnosed with congenital ovarian failure, she was ready to give up and adopt when she stumbled upon what she now calls the ‘miracle’ treatment.

The experimental technique is said to rejuvenate the female reproductive system through the injection of blood plasma into the womb and ovaries. Feeling like she had ‘nothing to lose’, Natalia says she ‘dived right in’. She claims to have conceived a mere nine days after the plasma injection. Now ten weeks pregnant with twins, her doctors claim Natalia is the first woman to conceive naturally after receiving the intervention. “It’s crazy,” she exclaimed. “I still can’t believe it.”

The Genesis Clinic in Athens was founded by Dr Konstantinos Pantos, and he claims that of a total of 27 menopausal women who’ve received treatment as part of an experimental study, 12 have begun to ovulate again. Speaking of this as a ‘huge medical milestone’ he warned that researchers ‘have to be cautious’ because the work is still very much in its early stages. What’s more, British fertility experts have expressed serious doubts about the intervention, arguing that they can’t be sure that the small number of eggs released would be healthy, or that the eggs are released due to the plasma itself – indeed some doctors have suggested that simply putting a needle into an ovary could have the same effect.

But Dr Pantos and his colleagues believe the treatment could effectively undo the menopause, offering women the opportunity of creating a family far into middle age.

Not everyone considers this a good prospect though. In fact a study commissioned by Private Pregnancy UK found that a majority of UK women believe that age 44 was ‘too old’ to have a baby and should be a ‘cut off point’. What do you think?

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