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MAM Anti-Colic Bottle

Product Review: MAM Self Sterilising Anti-Colic Bottle

Colic and wind is a common issue that can cause distress for both baby and mum. In fact, a huge 25% of babies suffer with colic and experience pain which results in uncontrollable crying.

With so many bottles on the market, it’s hard to know which is the best choice for your baby. We thought it was about time our own panel of reviewers put the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle, Gold winner for Best Product for Bottle Feeding at the Mother & Baby Awards 2016, to the test.

This innovative, multi-tasking bottle boasts an incredibly high acceptance rate of 94% in babies, is self-sterilising and reduces colic by 80%.

What we liked
The research: We love that the figures are backed up with research – a medical study (2011) and market research (2010) has shown that the ventilation base and teat reduces colic in 80% of babies who use it. Research in 2009-2014 also shows a very high acceptance rate in babies (94%).

Self-sterilising: This feature was a favourite with our testing panel. Although the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle can be used in a traditional steriliser, there’s no need for a bulky sterilising unit. The MAM Anti-Colic Bottle is easy to clean – the whole bottle comes apart and can be popped in the microwave in moments. Just add water, stack, and place in the microwave for three minutes – that’s all it takes, making the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle ideal for when you’re in a rush or baby is hungry.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle

High acceptance rate: Many users confirmed a high acceptance rate (research confirms 94%) and ease of switching between breast and bottle thanks to the shape and familiar feel of the MAM Silk Teat. There are also a range of different MAM teats available to purchase so you can tailor the bottle to your baby’s needs. Choose from four different flows: slow, medium, fast and cross cut.

Contemporary design: The MAM Anti-Colic Bottle doesn’t just look great, the design is practical, too. It incorporates innovative technical enhancements to give mum and baby a relaxed feeding experience. This includes the smart base ventilation and extra holes in the teat in order to ensure that the feed flows smoothly, reducing the amount of air consumed and resulting in 80% reduced colic. It has a dynamic shape for easy and comfortable use. Our panel also liked the handy measurements (and cute illustrations) on the exterior, plus the spill-proof lid which protects from dirt and doubles up a measuring cup.

Environmentally friendly: Feel great that you’re doing your part to protect the environment – the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle emits 48% less CO2 when using the self sterilising method over a standard electrical steriliser. This is based on the “Self-Sterilising of the Anti-Colic Bottle versus Sterilising in the Electrical Steriliser, over a period of 6 months, with daily sterilising.”

What we didn’t like
Some users felt the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle was made up of too many parts and that they were tricky to keep track of when cleaning a few different bottles at the same time. We found that this was essential to ensure thorough cleaning of every part of the bottle and it was a very small issue in relation to the significant reduction of colic and the unique feature of being able to self sterilise the bottle.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle features

  • 80% Reduced colic
  • 94% Acceptance rate
  • Self-sterilising
  • On trend design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable from birth
  • Ideal for switching between breastfeeding and bottle
  • BPA Free
  • Spill proof lid protects from dirt and doubles up as measuring cup

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle - Mother & Baby

Reviews from users
5/5 “Fantastic” by Natasha, Amazon UK
Bought these bottles for my little boy as a last resort as he wasnt fussed on the other branded bottles. Complete success!! He loves them & drains every single drop in them. Great for sterilising on the go, and look lovely too! Would def buy these again if i have another baby!

5/5 “Love these!” by Catht711, Amazon UK
Love these bottles. Having used Another popular anti colic bottle with my first and not feeling they were that good I thought I would give these a go.

Such good value for money, never a problem with leaking, seems to help with wind and look good too. They have different components like other anti colic bottles but not fiddly at all.

Very pleased and would recommend them to other mums and dads.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle - Father & Baby

This award-winning, multi-functional product is ideal for the modern day parents looking to make their lives easier. Busy lives demand products that are reliable and deliver on their promises, and the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle does just that. The self-sterilising capability allows parents to become more mobile and flexible – bottles can be quickly prepared anywhere there is a microwave, whether on holiday or visiting friends.

The figures are backed up by research, so you can be confident that the product really does deliver. Our panel was particularly impressed by the reduction of CO2 caused through using the bottle and the contemporary, innovative design. The MAM Anti-Colic Bottle can be used from newborn and the high acceptance rate was another big plus point for our panel.

Private Pregnancy UK RatingFive-Stars

Where to buy
RRP £5.50. The Anti-Colic Bottle is available in various sizes (130ml, 160ml and 260ml) as a 1pk, 2pk, 3pk and also Pre-birth Starter Sets.

Available from, Boots, Tesco, ASDA, Amazon, Mothercare, Waitrose, Ocado, Morrisons, Toys ‘R’ Us, Mamas & Papas, Kiddicare, Argos and all good independent retailers.

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