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Luxury Christmas Presents For Mums-To-Be 2017

Luxury Christmas Presents For Mums-To-Be 2017

It’s getting close to Christmas and if gift buying wasn’t already a headache you also have a pregnant person to buy for. What do they want? What can they have? No good buying them a bottle of fizz, skinny jeans, Louboutin heels or a cheese board with the best stilton money can buy!

However, just because you are pregnant at Christmas doesn’t mean you don’t want to indulge somehow. Whilst everyone around you is feeling the effects of ‘merry’, it would still be nice to have something special and useful under the tree. A bit of pampering, some nice chocolates and a good book can go a long way when you’re feeling the strain of being pregnant at Christmas time. What can you get that will put a smile on your face or make you feel good?

Whether you are buying gifts for that special pregnant someone in your life, or expecting yourself, Private Pregnancy have come up with some gorgeous gift ideas that will keep you in the festive mood. Let’s be a bit more adventurous than a dressing gown or a pregnancy pillow and delve into something a tad more chic…

Skip Hop Chelsea Backpack

Skip Hop Chelsea Backpack

The Chelsea backpack lives up to its postal area. Effortlessly chic but ready to hit the streets. Rather than grappling with a shoulder bag and baby, the backpack allows you to be hands-free in style. If you’re a busy city mum-to-be this will be a god-send. There are pockets and compartments galore to ensure that you have all your baby essentials organised at all times. When baby is in the pushchair this bag has two handy side clips that make attaching it to your buggy easy peasy. Practical and beautiful and a great addition to the handbag collection for Christmas.


Baby Brain Pregnancy Milestone Cards

These beautifully designed milestone pregnancy cards will keep you busy. Presented in a cotton pouch for safe keeping, each card has space on the back to record thoughts, dates, messages and drawings/pictures. Capture every step of the journey, including your bump at Christmas, so that you can look back on memories for years to come.

Here are just a sample of some the cards to be found in the pack:
We felt you kick
Here are some names we selected and we chose
We found out you were a Boy/Girl
I am 8 Weeks pregnant
I am 32 weeks pregnant


Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating Retexturing Pads x 50

Some women glow during pregnancy – congratulations if you’re a lucky one – whilst others struggle with unpredictable skin. Most women have to change their skin care routine when they find out they’re expecting and knowing what you can and can’t use on your skin becomes a top priority.

With Elizabeth Arden’s Skin Illuminating Retexturing Pads you don’t need to worry about dangerous ingredients. Exfoliating agents, like salicylic acid, can be damaging when you’re pregnant, however, the glycolic acid used in these pads is a totally safe AHA. Added to this, the essential oils and amino acids soften and hydrate the skin. Use them a couple of times a week or more to remove dead skin and hyperpigmentation and reveal rejuvenated, beautiful skin. You’ll be Christmas party ready in no time!

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01

Escentric Molecules is a fabulous and unique sensory experience! Presented in pairs this particular perfume, Molecule 01, is made up of a single ingredient – Iso E Super – which adapts perfectly to the wearer. This perfume will smell different on each individual. Rather than an immediate ‘hit’ of aroma, Escentric Molecule perfumes reacts at different rates to the wearer’s pheromones, and gently releases fragrance rather than a sickly spew of scent. Some women find it difficult to wear perfume during pregnancy because of the overbearing smell, but Escentric Molecules is delightfully subtle. In fact, some wearers report that they can’t smell it on themselves at all even though others will stop and ask them frequently what they’re wearing. With celebrity fans and long-standing admirers, this could be the perfect little Christmas luxury.

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