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How Your Keep Your Baby Cool In Hot Weather…

How Your Keep Your Baby Cool In Hot Weather...

It’s lovely when the sun shines at last and the temperature starts to rise, but for parents the hot weather also brings a sense of dread. How can I keep my baby cool in stifling heat? What can I do at night to make sure he doesn’t get dangerously hot? Recent stories in the news reminding us that keeping our baby cool is of the upmost importance.

As with adults, hot stuffy rooms make for inconsistent sleep, so having a plan and following these useful tips should help you cope when feeling the heat…

Babies are particularly vulnerable to dehydration, heat stroke and sunburn. For newborns the risk of SIDS increases when body temperature is too hot or too cold. Signs of heat exhaustion to look out for in babies are sweating (neck area), redness of the face, a red rash or rapid breathing. If you notice any of these symptoms take steps to cool them down.

Tips For Checking Your Baby Isn’t Getting Too Hot

  1. Check their temperature – use a recognised and trusted thermometer to check body temperature regularly.
  2. Water – make sure that baby has plenty to drink and stays dehydrated. Plain water is best as juices and additives can act as diuretics.
  3. Make sure babies and young children are properly dressed. In temperatures over 25 degrees Celsius, just a nappy might do.
  4. Babies under six months should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Above six months, exposure should be limited and a good quality high factor sun cream should be used regularly.
  5. Keep young children in the shade. Use a parasol if taking babies and children out in a pushchair. Do not cover the pram with a large muslin or blanket; a study found that doing this caused the pram to heat up to 15 degrees higher than when left uncovered 1.
  6. Water – having a paddling pool in the garden or visiting a splash pool locally is not only great entertainment but keeps little ones cool. Any excuse for an ice-cream!

Usually the problem gets worse as evening sets in. Uncomfortably hot houses are not good environments for restful sleep or happy babies. Here are some tips for keeping babies cool in the heat of the night:

  1. Give them a cool bath before bedtime to soothe, relax and take the edge off the heat.
  2. Keep the room as cool as possible during the day by keeping windows open and allowing the circulation of air throughout the house.
  3. Open your loft hatch or sky lights as heat rises and can escape more easily.
  4. Use a room thermometer to check the room temperature in conjunction with a room temperature advice chart to make sure your baby is appropriately dressed for bed (like this one for sleeping bags, or this for sheets).
  5. Litre bottles of frozen water can help cool down the room temperature as they melt overnight.
  6. Use a fan at a good distance from the cot. Place frozen water bottles in front of the fan to create cool air circulation 2.
  7. If you can afford it, invest in a small air conditioning unit.
  8. Remember that the temperature when you put your baby to bed will likely drop. Make sure that they are suitably dressed for a drop in temperature throughout the night.




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