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Find The Right Gynae: 5 Questions To Ask

Find The Right Gynae: 5 Questions To Ask

Choosing the right gynaecologist is important. Through screenings, pregnancies, and menopause, a good gynaecologist will be there to hold your hand, making sure things run as smoothly as possible for you. How to find the right gynaecologist? Ask questions! Here are our top five.

Does The Gynaecologist Hold Prestigious Appointments And Memberships?

These things are not a matter of snobbery – credentials matter in medicine. Is the Gynaecologist a member of The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists or, better yet, a fellow? Have they been on the board of a prestigious hospital or medical school? Are there any innovations credited to their name? If they hold distinguished affiliations, they will have had to prove themselves and practice higher standards.

What Is The Atmosphere Of The Clinic Like?

Let’s face it, sometimes going to a new gynae can feel a bit awkward – after all, we are sharing our most intimate selves. With that in mind, you want the place to be friendly, warm and clean. You have the right to expect the reception staff to be gracious and welcoming. It really does make a world of difference. We’ve all been told to try and relax when getting our cervical screening for example – how much easier it is to relax if we are in nice surroundings!

How Does The Gynaecologist Explain Treatments?

This is an important one because it really is crucial that you feel your voice is heard when it comes to your body. How many of us in the past have experienced feeling dismissed by a doctor, or afraid to ask too many questions?

So pay attention to how the doctor talks to you. How do they explain treatments? If you ask why, do you get a thorough run-down of their preferred treatment in plain English? Or do they stuff their sentences with a lot of medical jargon so that you feel little choice but to just nod along?

Dr EskanderDr Alex Eskander, one of the UK’s leading obstetrician-gynaecologists and director of distinguished London clinic The Gynae Centre, told us: “Attentiveness to patient needs and concerns should be at the forefront of everything a clinic does. There’s no excuse for a ‘be quiet and just trust me’ attitude. Being able to express any worries to your gynaecologist is vital. If you do not feel comfortable enough to ask the important questions, then perhaps they are not the right gynae for you.”

Let us help you find the perfect gynaecologist for you. Simply head over to our listings to find a top Private Consultant Gynaecologist or Private Hospital or Clinic for all your gynaecology needs.

How Much Time Will Your Gynaecologist Spend With You?

If there’s a gynaecological problem, appointments are bound to vary in duration. But getting a sense of how much time you will get for a well woman check or in an introductory appointment can be helpful. It will give you a clue as to whether this gynae will be one of those doctors who have one eye on the door the whole time you are with them. No one wants that.

What Is Their Approach To Treatment And Preventative Care?

Perhaps it’s really important to you that your doctor has some good ideas around alternatives to hormone replacement therapy during the menopause. Or maybe you need to know that they have on-site facilities for minor surgery, so that you’ll have the peace of mind of staying in one place. Perhaps your family has a history of gynaecological cancers so you’ll want extra checks. Have a think about any particular requirements you might have and then you can present them to the gynaecologist and make sure their approach is a good fit.

Questions are helpful, and you’re not being fussy. It’s perfectly reasonable for you to want top care in impeccable surroundings. Good luck!

We would like to thank The Gynae Centre for providing their specialist knowledge for this article.

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