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Early Pregnancy Scare To Dream Birth Experience: One Mum’s Journey

When you first discover that you and your partner are pregnant, it’s only natural to be protective of your new baby bump, doing everything within your power to ensure the wellbeing of the life growing inside you.


Already proud parents to three beautiful children, the Hopkinsons were pleasantly shocked when they discovered they were expecting a fourth child. Mum Svetlana recalled: ‘Although it was my fourth pregnancy, it was my first surprise’.

However joy soon turned to worry. Unaware that she was pregnant at the time, Svetlana remembered taking medication for the prevention of worms, following an outbreak of an infection at one of her children’s nursery.

Obviously alarmed by this revelation, Svetlana immediately contacted her GP to get advice. ‘When I found out that I was pregnant I was worried, as the leaflet said that it shouldn’t be taken if you are expecting, because serious consequences could occur’, she said.

Mother’s Instinct
As well as the potential risks of the medication she’d taken, Svetlana also had other fears. She explained: ‘I think as it was my fourth pregnancy and I already had three healthy children, I worried that I may not be so fortunate again’. Like a lot of women, Svetlana was also aware of the increased risks of having a baby over the age of 35 and wanted reassurance from a medical professional about her pregnancy health.

Having had her three children delivered privately in Russia, where the family used to live, Svetlana decided she wanted to have her fourth baby in a private maternity hospital in the UK. After exploring the options available, she chose The Westminster Suite, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London, a renowned facility with an unrivalled reputation for maternity care.

Consistency In Care
Opting for a private package meant that the Hopkinsons could enjoy one to one care with their own dedicated consultant, from early pregnancy through to the birthing experience. For the first 12 weeks, Svetlana met her consultant on numerous occasions and could even send a text message if she had any concerns. ‘It was the same person who dealt with everything – from scans to test results’, Svetlana added.

Due to her concerns at the beginning of her pregnancy regarding the worm medication, Svetlana was able to finally gain peace of mind – the additional support provided during her pregnancy assessment was a big plus point, as was the array of birthing facilities that she could make use of due to having private care. The consultant led service includes unique options such as birthing pools and even a relaxation garden room that you can use during early labour.


Transparent Package Price
In private maternity, it does help to have a transparent picture of the costs involved for the services that are provided throughout the journey of your pregnancy.

Each maternity establishment may offer different pricing packages, which encompasses various services. This could include antenatal medication and drugs, routine blood tests, the recommended overnight stay and even extra follow-up appointments with a consultant if there are any complications. Mums may even be assessed by a private physiotherapist after the birth to determine whether they need additional physiotherapy support, which can also be part of the package.

First Class Care
Recalling the facilities and high end care she received in the private maternity unit at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hopsital, Svetlana likens her stay to a ‘hotel experience.’ She had her own room, which she describes as immaculate, air conditioned and fully fitted with a flat screen TV. Facilities also included a separate bed for partners to stay overnight, 24 hour room service and a talented chef on site to cook meals from a menu throughout the day.

But luxury wasn’t the uppermost thing on Svetlana’s mind. She emphasised: ‘For me, the closeness of all the medical equipment and infrastructure in the maternity unit was important. I had quite a tricky birthing experience with my first child so it was good to be aware that if anything went wrong there was always help available‘.

Offering private maternity care for over 20 years, Svetlana was in safe hands with the professionals from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital. The accomplished team includes midwives, obstetricians, neonatologists and anaesthetists, with the hospital excelling in fetal medicine, neonatal and paediatric services. With the Quality Care Commission noting the hospital’s maternity suite as one of the best private units in the UK, Svetlana couldn’t be more reassured that every eventuality was covered.

Expect The Unexpected
Although Svetlana was due to be induced, things started moving along ahead of schedule. Recalling her birthing experience, Svetlana remembered: ‘I was looked after by one midwife, a nurse and my consultant. I had maximum freedom of movement and the whole experience was very calm. Even though there were some procedures carried out, they were done in a non-invasive way‘.

Svetlana added that she felt in control throughout the whole birthing journey and that the consultant and his team really worked with her rather than telling her how things were going to be.

Little Theodora Hopkinson came into the world on 4th July 2014. Comparing this birthing experience to her others, Svetlana says it was the calmest and most reassuring pregnancy and birth she has had.

She continued: ‘There was no pressure at all, either on me or my husband. I had this feeling of confidence, that it was all going to happen in the way that it was meant to happen – it was a great experience and one that I really cherish‘.

The Hopkinsons had their baby at The Westminster Maternity Suite at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital in London.

We would like to thank the team at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, which manages The Westminster Maternity Suite, for providing their specialist knowledge for this article.

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