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Choosing a Nursing Bra

Choosing a Nursing Bra

When you’re pregnant, your body goes through a number of changes – good, bad, strange, and everything in between. Increased breast size is probably one of the first changes you’ll experience, and your breasts will continue to expand even after your baby is born. While you might already be wearing a maternity bra, you’ll need to at some point switch over to nursing bras. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for something your granny might wear. With the right nursing bra, you can be comfortable and look sexy and feminine all at the same time.

When to buy
You might feel like your breasts couldn’t possibly get any bigger, but surprise – they will! This is why it’s important not to buy your nursing bras too early. Most maternity experts recommend that you wait until the month before your due date. However, try not to leave it until after the baby is born – as you’ll probably find yourself too busy to shop.

Getting the right fit
It’s best to use a professional fitting service if you can, and luckily most large departments stores and specialist shops offer this. Alternatively, a lot of online stores offer detailed fitting guidance for their products.

Nursing bras should be flexible and not too tight. This is to allow for milk to come in but also to avoid mastitis and blocked milk ducts. If the bra feels constrictive in any way, it’s not the correct fit. The right bra should offer good support even when one cup is open. You should also check that:

  • the cups open and close easily
  • you can release the cup with one hand
  • the straps are the correct length
  • there’s enough room for your baby to breastfeed easily

In August we had the pleasure of reviewing this popular and stylish nursing bra from Hotmilk, and are pleased to report that it was a total hit. A definite must have on your maternity check list!

Price: £32.90

This pretty and elegant nursing bra is one of Hotmilk’s most popular, and it’s not hard to see why. We love the floral pattern with vintage black lace trim, but what we love even more is it’s high comfort level and functionality. The cups are easy to open and close with one hand, (which is all-important when you’re juggling baby along with everything else). It fits true-to-size, and the straps are sturdy and easy to adjust. While the lack of padding means there is more flexibility, it could also increase the chance of leakage. We wouldn’t mind a padded option, but we’d definitely buy this brand again.



  • Non-wired soft cup bra with frame support
  • Soft silky microfibre fabric with 100% cotton lined cups for skin breathability
  • Designed with stretch on the top cup to allow for growth
  • Easy one handed drop down cups for breastfeeding
  • Six hook and eye extension for ribcage expansion
  • Cotton lined straps for added comfort
  • Wider straps on the larger cups for added strength

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