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Buying A Cot

Buying A Cot

From choosing new wallpaper to deciding where to put the rocking chair, decorating the nursery is all part of the fun of preparing for your new arrival! The cot will be the main feature of your nursery, and it’s going to be your child’s bed until they’re a toddler, so it’s worth shopping around for the right one.

Key features to look for
Safety is understandably top of the checklist for many parents when it comes to choosing products for their child. If you’re buying a new cot, make sure it meets BS EN 716-2:2008. All cots in the UK should meet this standard. Among other things, it ensures that the cot is deep enough and that the bars are the correct distance apart to prevent the baby’s head from getting caught.

It’s also essential that the mattress is the right size for the cot because your baby could get trapped in the gaps if these are too wide. Mattresses come in two basic sizes and your cot will specify which type of cot mattress it requires. If you’re still not sure about the size, the rule of thumb is that the gap between the mattress and the cot should be no more than 4cm (1.5 in). It’s highly recommended that you buy a new mattress, but if you’re using a second-hand one, make sure it’s clean, dry and free from any cracks and tears.

Cot sizes vary and there’s no right or wrong size. A smaller one will be perfectly fine, but you may wish to buy a bigger one that your baby can sleep in it for a bit longer. Cot beds, which are longer and wider than standard cots, can eventually be converted into a junior bed.

Most cots have an adjustable base height, which can be changed as your baby grows. The highest level allows you to easily lift your baby in and out, and you can lower it as your baby grows and becomes more mobile. Cots generally have two to three different heights, but most parents find two is enough.

Drop sides are another common feature and most cots will have at least one adjustable side. The mechanisms vary and include the ‘nudge and lift’ option, which can be useful if you’re operating it with one hand. Others are controlled with foot pedals or catches. Again, make sure you look out for the UK safety standard – BS EN 716: 2005 – when making your purchase.

Other things to bear in mind
Believe it or not, but many babies love gnawing at the edge of the cot! Cots with a teething rail will have a protective lining along the edges to prevent any damage by your little one.

Some cots have a removable side so you can line the cot mattress alongside your own. This can be especially helpful for nighttime feeding. And some cots come with casters or wheels, which is handy if you need to move the cot from room to room.

Happy shopping!

Mamas and Papas Mia Cot Bed
A classic and elegant addition to any nursery, this sleigh style cot is sure to become a family heirloom. We love the beautifully crafted design, and the fact that it can grow with your child, eventually converting into a toddler bed.

Mamas and Papas Mia Cot Bed

Price: £799

This sturdy and stylish cot is suitable for newborns through to four-year-olds. The attractive sleigh bed design gives it a contemporary appeal that will make it the highlight of any nursery. This piece coordinates with the Mia furniture collection, but if you’d like a matching under draw, it’s best to buy the Mia Package [link to:] as you cannot buy this particular piece separately. Both sides can be removed to form a toddler bed, but it hasn’t been tested or designed to use as a bedside cot. It’s also available in walnut.


  • Sturdy solid wood frame.
  • Two protective teething rails.
  • Adjustable base.
  • Dimensions: H: 99 x W: 75.5 x D: 160cm approx.
  • Age suitability: 0-4 years.

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