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Baby Sleepwear – How To Dress Your Baby For Sleep In Winter

Baby Sleepwear – How To Dress Your Baby For Sleep In Winter

Being a new parent brings a lot of joy but also worry. A question many parents find themselves asking about is the ideal room temperature and how to dress their baby for sleep in the winter.

Safe, comfortable sleeping is a difficulty faced by every new parent. There are many things you need to take into consideration; the right room temperature, appropriate dress and fabrics, correct sleeping attire and a hazard-free sleeping environment. Together all of these factors will ensure that your baby (and you) will get the best sleep possible.

Sleeping Environment

Each year SIDS (unexplained sudden infant death) claims the lives of approximately 214 babies, mostly before the age of 6 months1. Fortunately, this statistic has fallen by 81% since 1991 – a fall that can be attributed to better sleeping practices and parents following simple advice.

For the first six months, your baby should share your room but be placed in their own cot or Moses basket next to the bed2. They should sleep on their backs (a baby placed to sleep on their front is six times more at risk of SIDS than a baby sleeping on its back). Babies should not sleep with anything in the crib as it’s very dangerous – loose items can cause suffocation. This means no toys, pillows, teddies, cot bumpers and no blankets. To this end there are sleeping solutions, such as swaddling and sleeping bags, that are safe and practical.

  • Swaddling can be a great solution for small babies up to around 3-6 months. Used correctly, it can provide a ‘womb like’ atmosphere for your baby and restricts the ‘Moro’ reflex which often causes them to wake. There are other benefits, such as preventing your baby rolling over, and it’s particularly good for babies who suffer with colic/reflux. It is important to follow proper swaddling directions to make sure that you are doing it safely and correctly. Alternatively, there are swaddle bags available.
  • Sleeping bags can be used from 15 days after birth. Sleeping bags are one of the safest forms of bedding for your infant. Your wriggly bambino can move around the cot as much as he likes without fear of kicking off blankets and getting cold. Whilst giving plenty of movement for baby inside the bag, the fitted arm and head holes means there is no danger of it slipping and covering your baby’s head.


Room temperature itself can cause any parent a sleepless night. Is it too hot? Too cold? What happens when the temperature drops at night? It can all be a bit of a guessing game.

Hadley Seward, Sleep Consultant from Bonne Nuit Baby says: “Breathable fabric helps babies to regulate their body temperatures and prevents them from becoming too hot while they sleep. Maintaining an ideal body temperature overnight is important for safe sleep and promotes better sleep.

Investing in a good nursery thermometer will help to eliminate some of the guesswork, along with some practical tips:

  • Keep room temperature between 16-20°C.
  • Invest in a decent breathable baby mattress, brand new, not second hand.
  • Don’t place the cot near a radiator or draughty window.
  • Don’t use hot water bottles or electric blankets.

Babies can’t self-regulate their body temperature and those who get too hot are more at risk. If you are worried about their body temperature, the following guidelines will help:

Your baby’s hands will often be cool. It is better to check their torso or neck area to get a better idea of whether they are too hot or cold.

  • The rule of thumb is to dress your baby in one more layer than you do yourself.
  • Don’t overdress your baby.
  • When using a sleeping bag ensure that you have the correct tog for time of year and room temperature. Follow clothing and temperature advice relating to the tog of your bag.
  • You shouldn’t need to leave your heating on all night (an extra layer will usually do) but if you feel that your house is very cold make sure it is set to no higher than 20°C.
  • If your baby is unwell or has a fever you ensure they are dressed according to doctor’s advice.

What Should Baby Wear In Bed?

Depending on the time of year, your baby will be dressed differently in bed. In summer, it could be a short-sleeved baby suit, but come winter you should pair this with a babygro or pyjama set.

Aside from what to wear, fabric should also be an important consideration. Those nylon character pyjamas might look cute, but it’s important to consider safety and comfort too.

  • Bamboo – is becoming increasingly popular for babies. It’s natural, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and thermoregulating so it will adjust with your baby’s body temperature.
  • Cotton – soft and breathable, cotton is comfortable and will not irritate your baby’s skin.
  • Cotton/polyester blend – better as a day wear option as not as breathable as cotton but hardier (which is handy for multiple washing cycles).

Whichever sleepwear options you want, it’s always advisable to buy from a reputable brand. Baby MORI has beautifully designed sleepwear solutions for babies, made from high quality organic cotton. We’ve selected our three favourite items of sleepwear to help you put your baby’s safety first.

Baby MORI Clever Sleeping Bag

Clever Sleeping Bag
Available in summer (0.5 tog) and winter (2.5 tog) weight togs, this sleeping bag is made using Baby MORI’s signature blend of 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, providing all the benefits that bamboo has to offer your baby, and is machine washable.

Buy the Baby MORI Clever Sleeping Bag

Baby MORI Newborn Swaddle Bag

Newborn Swaddle Bag
Worried about getting your swaddling technique right? No need. Baby MORI’s swaddling bags are a soft and safe alternative. Keeping baby in the right sleeping position, the swaddle bag also provides thermo-regulating properties making sure they are warm in winter and cool in summer.

Buy the Baby MORI Newborn Swaddle Bag

Baby MORI Zip-up Sleepsuit

Zip-up Sleepsuit
Poppers can be extremely fiddly, especially in the middle of the night. Baby MORI’s breathable, antibacterial and thermo-regulating Zip-up Sleepsuit makes night time changes easy.

Buy the Baby MORI Zip-Up Sleepsuit

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