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An Everlasting Memory Of Your Baby’s Most Precious Moments

Wrightson & Platt: Baby Feet Cast in Bronze

Children have a funny way of growing up way too fast. One minute they’re holding your finger for the very first time, and the next they are saying ‘I do’. We try our best in remembering to take it all in — we save the art projects, and photograph the birthday cakes. We vow to make scrapbooks, and box up every award and degree. But sometimes the most precious of moments cannot be kept, so we safely tuck them away as memories — existing only in our minds.

Imagine for a minute though, the ability to capture one of these moments. To hold it in your hand, and feel the weight of a memory in your palm. It might seem impossible, yet Wrightson & Platt have managed to come particularly close. With their exceptional service focused on unparalleled artisanship and quality, Denise Wrightson & Vicky Platt encapsulate the most intimate and special memories of your loved ones through incredible sculptures cast from life.

Influenced from the great artisans throughout British history, Wrightson & Platt were particularly inspired by Queen Victoria’s desire to preserve her family’s precious memories in the most intricate ways possible. Known for her extensive collection of family photography, the queen was ahead of her time, always keen to capture every detail of her children’s early years. Beyond these images though, she wanted something tangible, so she commissioned sculpture Mary Thornycroft to carve all nine of her children’s hands and feet. However, she didn’t stop there. Queen Victoria continued to have carvings of her children made year after year; a beautiful way to document their growth.

“The core of this is an emotional subject — an emotion made real, a touchstone, an object that you can pick up in your hands. It’s the idea that we create something that in any point in your future life, or your child’s future life, or your child’s children’s future life — they can pick that up and say ‘wow… that was my foot, that was my dad’s foot, that was my grandmother’s foot.’”
Denise Wrightson, Principal Artist & Creative Director, Wrightson & Platt

Queen Victoria’s personal desire to preserve these irreplaceable moments developed a royal tradition of casting. Conserving more than just memories, but creating something that could be physically revisited and passed down throughout the course of history, Mary Thornycroft’s sculptures are today part of the Royal Collection, and provide a lasting legacy for those who came before, and those who are yet to come.

Wrightson & Platt: Silver Baby Feet Necklace

Lucky for us though, this bespoke artistry is no longer reserved purely for the royals. Wrightson & Platt began their work back in 1999, and today with the help of an incredibly skilled team, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to their creative abilities. The casting itself takes less than an hour, and the memories become eternal. From a tiny charm of your infant’s feet, to a full bust of your growing toddler, each sculpture is painstakingly perfected to the tiniest of detail. Working with the renowned Portland Hospital for more than a decade, this talented team creates the world’s finest life casts in an array of mediums, including glass, bronze, silver and gold — all from their state of the art foundry in London.

Video: Capturing moments with Wrightson & Platt
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“These are three dimensional moments in time that later on will become incredibly valuable emotionally. We’ve heard people say that if they had a fire in the house, they’d grab the kids, the cat and the feet and that’s it… Everything else would get left behind”
Vicky Platt, Managing Director, Wrightson & Platt

From their gallery on picturesque Walton street, Wrightson & Platt invite parents to work collaboratively in the creative process in order to create a truly specialised piece to suit individual needs and aesthetics. Best of all, age is of no concern, so even the earliest of moments can be captured.

A truly historical concept, Wrightson & Platt enables any of us to create our own piece of history; a keepsake to be treasured for generations, a singular moment to be forever remembered. It is no surprise that their exceptional service has caught the eye of the world’s most discerning parents. From Royal families, to Rock and Roll royalty, and everyone in between, Wrightson & Platt’s clients cannot stop singing their praises.

“I am so happy I asked you to make casts of all my newborn babies’ feet. The casts are beautiful and they are one of my most precious belongings.”
Stella McCartney

“The first time I held the tiny silver feet in my hands I marvelled at their accuracy. These sculptures bring out details barely noticeable in real life.”
His Highness Sayyid Tarik Bin Shabib Al Said of Oman

Video: Wrightson and Platt, The Process
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Wrightson & Platt have created a unique and beautiful way to hold onto our memories just a little bit tighter, and enable everyone to share in them for years to come. From the Royal Collection, to the mantle in our front room, from the early days, to the days gone by — these preserved moments, these fragments of life, will without a doubt become timeless heirlooms.

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