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A Unique Baby Shopping Experience For A New Mum At Anita’s House …

Written by Samantha (a new mum in need of help and inspiration) after visiting the showroom at Anita’s House.

Anita's House Showroom

Anita’s House Showroom
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Today I met Anita, and immediately a mediocre morning transformed into a great day. Anita has such positive charm that just being in her company makes you feel good about things. She’s the kind of (possibly the only) person you need when the baby fog descends and you begin doubting your judgement about what to buy for your imminent arrival. She’s more like the girlfriend whose ear you can bend about all things baby and, genuinely, she won’t mind a bit. Walking into Anita’s House is like walking into a home. It’s inviting and calm; a welcoming oasis of all things baby. At Anita’s House you can offload your wants, desires and worries and in return you get the benefit of Anita’s 21 years’ experience helping parents choose what they need (and don’t need) to buy for baby.

Being pregnant is lots of things – fun, scary, positive, daunting. Amongst the excitement of welcoming a beautiful baby into the world, there’s so much to do and think about that even the most adept mums and dads-to-be can find it bewildering. When you think about what to buy, do you know what you need? How many bodysuits (long, short, no sleeved), what’s the best pram, is the new-fangled milk machine a lemon or a godsend?

This is unfamiliar territory, particularly for first time mums. Days spent trawling the net, searching reviews, looking through stores and asking advice can be physically and mentally draining. It’s not the best way to spend your pregnancy.

Anita and her team understand the challenges of being expectant parents and of new parents too. Not only will they save you money in the long term, they will save you something far more valuable – your time. They use their years of experience and knowledge of your individual situation to help you choose everything that’s right for you to welcome your little one.

Baby shopping with Anita’s House is a unique experience. In their beautifully crafted showroom, they will help you plan everything. They have hundreds of products to hand for you to see, feel, test out and even more to discuss. During an initial consultation, that lasts 2-3 hours typically, they get to understand what you like, and what works for you. They can then order, deliver and assemble everything, all at recommended retail prices and leave you safe in the knowledge that you haven’t bought the baby equivalent of a chocolate teapot! Anita’s House is so accommodating that they deal with many international clients, ship products around the world, offer internet consultations or can even come to your house or hospital bed. All of their advice is given with real knowledge, experience, and (most importantly) care. It’s personal, old fashioned shopping and so much more.

What makes Anita’s House different?

The team at Anita’s House take time to develop one-to-one relationships with all their clients, who happily recommend them repeatedly. It is important to Anita that everything you buy is well placed for your exact needs, that you’ve been informed properly, and you feel confident about your decisions. It’s very easy, as a pregnant mum, or dad, to feel overwhelmed. Anita’s House effectively holds your hand throughout the process of buying for baby. Their priority is to help you make the best decisions and support you at an emotional time.

Anita with a client

The showroom is calm, quiet and comfortable. It’s just you, your partner, and a consultant enjoying a chat over a cup of tea or coffee. You don’t need to dash around, store to store, or try to make sense of internet offers. Shopping on the high street can be overwhelming. Perhaps you are worried about the quality of what you are buying, maybe the assistant is unable to give you the advice you need? At Anita’s House the advice you get is completely independent (no specials or targeted selling). You will talk about things you need and, equally important, things you don’t need. Some of the showroom products are exclusives.

Anita likes to think that she has made all the mistakes for you, and that by sharing her years of experience the time you spend with your new baby can be as magical and stress free as possible. For her, shopping is an emotional transaction, a moment to connect and create a bond.

In fact, so many of her clients have bonded with Anita, that the business has moved forward from the Baby List. She has become such a valued and trusted source that many of her clients ask her advice for years to come. Anita has expert knowledge of everything from baby photographers to maternity nurses, child friendly landscapers to schools. More recently Anita’s House has produced their own range of beautifully made and presented baby products, mostly clothes and soft furnishings, to complement the multitude of products they can recommend.

Having a baby is magical. Having a support network to make it magical is priceless. We all make mistakes with parenting, it’s natural. And we all want to be the best parents possible. Anita’s team will give you advice, practical help, and emotional support so, at a time when you may feel vulnerable, you know you can rely on someone to guide you through. They offer so much more than baby shopping. There’s no doubt that you if you walk into Anita’s House unsure and a little overwhelmed, you will walk out confident that with their support and guidance, you can be the kind of parent you want to be.

We would like to thank Joey and Anita and the team at Anita’s House for their time and for sharing their knowledge and experience with us.

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