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A New Way To Share Your Pregnancy Scans With Friends & Family

Have you experienced your first ultrasound pregnancy scan yet? Remember that indescribably tender moment when you looked at your little one’s moving shape on the screen – didn’t it all feel so much more real?

Now imagine being able to revisit that video any time you want, even being able to share it with friends and family, wherever they are in the world… Well, a new technology iBabyScan enables you to do just that!

With iBabyScan’s digital features, you and your partner can watch the video of your ultrasound pregnancy scan online, whenever you feel like it. iBabyScan also works on mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. And it even allows 1-click sharing to Email, Facebook and Twitter. So within a matter of minutes, all your loved ones will be able to share in the joy with you.

Ultrasound Pregnancy Scan with iBabyScan Technology

Ultrasound Pregnancy Scan with iBabyScan Technology

This innovative technology premiered in London at leading pregnancy care and childbirth clinic – The Birth Company. The clinic is run by Dr Donald Gibb, a renowned obstetrician who featured in the Top 100 Doctors in Britain directory compiled by The Times. Based in Harley Street, The Birth Company offers mums-to-be everything from complete pregnancy care and childbirth packages to one-off consultations and pregnancy ultrasounds.

Dr Gibb said: “Our clinic is all about providing a quality, personal service for women that is conducive to a whole family experience. With this new technology, the added excitement and encouragement from friends and family who can now share the magic with them, really adds to the anticipation.”

As a recent example, one expectant mum visited The Birth Company to find out the gender of her baby. As her partner was unable to be there, the sonographer, using iBabyScan technology, recorded the ultrasound (whilst keeping tight-lipped about the results). When the couple got home later on, they watched the ultrasound video together, looking for clues as to the sex of their baby. However as the film drew to a close the words ‘It’s a boy’ splashed across the screen, allowing them to make the discovery together.

A Couple Viewing Pregnancy Scan Video Using iBabyScan

The Birth Company offers the iBabyScan service as an option with all their pregnancy ultrasound scans at no extra cost. You can request iBabyScan from your sonographer on the day and it takes only an additional couple of minutes.

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